2049 is coming… And maybe 2069 too.

61uy147j0uL._SY400_February isn’t too far away (although it does feel a little unfair that our American friends get it a few weeks earlier). It feels even closer when you see images such as this- the rear artwork of one of the disc editions. Man, it feels like it’s real and almost in my hands. Can’t wait to watch this film again. The distractions of Christmas almost seem an inconvenience.

Also, there is new hope: over at Screendaily there is an interview with Villeneuve and upon being asked about one day returning again to Blade Runner, he replied . “The door is not closed. I know, to my great admiration and excitement, that for Alcon the journey goes on. They’re proud of the movie and they’re not closing the door.”

Well. Merry Christmas everyone, that feels like Santa came early. Bravo, Alcon. Even if it never happens, that intent is enough.

6 thoughts on “2049 is coming… And maybe 2069 too.

  1. Looking forward to seeing it again, but the bonus disc crap they’re pulling has annoyed me because they’re not releasing the extras discs with the 3D version. I think Deakins has said the 2D version is preferred (unsurprisingly), but I’m still curious about seeing it in 3D. Guess I’ll have to buy it twice (eventually)!

    1. It’s certainly a bit of a liberty with ‘exclusive bonus disc’ nonsense from certain vendors in different territories. Sign of the times but infuriating all the same. Remember the heyday of DVD with great special editions universal to all?

      I doubt the 4K edition will have the bonus disc, just the standard bluray, so again, some will feel the need to double-dip on day one, or as you say, even triple-dip if 3D is also desired. BR2049 should be above that nonsense. But I suppose it needs the money.

      That 4K here has a set of BR whisky glasses. Nice. Pity I don’t have a 4K telly yet. Or drink whisky. Good God what are they doing to me?

      1. It’s doubly annoying because the bonus disc isn’t even a retailer exclusive over here, we’re just lumped with it being like that thanks to whatever’s going on with it in the US. Why they can’t also bundle that disc in with the 3D and 4K versions, Lord alone knows.

      2. Matthew McKinnon

        I’ve been buying the 4K versions of everything these days, because for the measly extra few quid you’re future-proofed, and you also get a Blu-ray you can play in the package anyway. Plus, they seem to go out of print quite quickly in some cases, and it’d be a nightmare to finally be able to afford the kit and find the discs are commanding crazy prices.

        I’ve got a pair of those whisky glasses already (I’m surprised you haven’t!), as they’re quite widely available: they’re absolutely beautiful.

    1. It’s a second disc with about 30 mins of material, nothing more than epk stuff most likely, that I believe is an Amazon exclusive over here. It’s a bit lost in the various BR2049 listings even on Amazon who have two 2D versions, one with and one without (currently with a £5 difference, no less). It’s only on the 2D version, not the 3D or 4K. Nothing earth-shattering content wise but bit annoying, certainly for nutters like me who are bit obsessive over the damn thing. I don’t have a 4K telly but I still want the 4K disc as it comes with a standard bluray that will tide me over. But no bonus disc, argh!

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