A tree in the house? You must be barking.

P1070897 (2)We didn’t have the Christmas tree up last year, partly because it had been a bad year, what with losing Ben, and partly because we’d only had Eddie a month and we weren’t too sure if Westie pups have a knack for trying to pull trees down on a whim. So now he’s a year older and wiser, Ed has his first Christmas tree. Don’t think he’s particularly impressed, but he hasn’t tried pulling it down/grabbing at the ornaments just yet.

I rather think he reckons we’ve gone a little mad again. He’s used to his humans behaving oddly once in awhile. He’ll just humor us for a bit. Then see if he can get the damn monstrosity down on the floor and out of the way- there’s a natural order to things, and it doesn’t include having trees in the house.

4 thoughts on “A tree in the house? You must be barking.

    1. He’s our little pride and joy, a bundle of energy but a coward in the vets. Its funny how dogs can be so very different- poor Ben was a gentle soul who always seemed to have health problems, but he always enjoyed going to the vets, fussing the nurses and never complaining about being prodded, drugged etc. Eddie is a barking tough guy most of the time but an absolute shaking wreck at the vets.He won’t even have his claws clipped. In a face-off with a husky though he can stand his own in a barking stand-off.

    1. Yes, I’m certain he’s judging me most of the time. Particularly when another Amazon package arrives with a blu-ray inside. I’m sure he’s thinking ‘that money would have been better spent on me/wonder if he’s ever going to get around to watching THIS one’.

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