First Impressions of 2049

2049aWell, in a somewhat bewildering -pinch me is this real?- evening of utter strangeness I finally saw Blade Runner 2049. I’ll post a considered review in a few days, but first impressions are it’s a fine sequel to Blade Runner, both informing and expanding on the first film. Indeed, while most of us never wanted a Blade Runner sequel, if we had to have one I’m rather glad its this one.

I didn’t expect it to be quite so disturbing. There are plot points and stuff referencing the original that really quite impacted me. I’m not sure where I stand on all of that but yeah, it was a strange feeling that ran through me for most of the film. It wasn’t a comfort blanket of familiar sights and sounds that, say, The Force Awakens was to Star Wars fans. This was… something else.

At any rate, yes it looks beautiful, Harrison Ford is quite remarkable, his best performance in many years, the film does have pacing issues (but I like wallowing in long films) and the music is the films weakest element, as I first feared hearing that Johann Johannsson had been replaced. But it is a great, great sequel even if it may not be a great, great movie (which it possibly is, I need to see it again next week).

Certainly its this year’s must-watch movie, and experienced on the biggest screen possible. Its quite remarkable.


10 thoughts on “First Impressions of 2049

  1. I‘v seen it on Thursday and it’s still echoing inside my head, quite possibly for the days to come. There are just so many things to process, it’s fantastic.

    1. Yes me too- can’t get it out of my head. Sign of a very good film I think. Will go see it again next week. Can hardly wait to experience it all again, and will probably enjoy it all the more now the tension of ‘hope they don’t mess this up’ has been laid to rest.

  2. I saw it yesterday afternoon, and I feel like it’s improving in my mind the more it’s settling there.

    Initial US box office reports today are a bit of a downer, but what did people expect, really? The original has plenty of detractors even today, and this isn’t an audience-friendly Marvel movie.

    1. Yes the box office news is infuriating really. Quality adult sci fi like this deserves more success, or at least an audience. So it seems audiences get the stupid empty-headed films they deserve, frankly. At least the critics have been kinder this time than with the original back in 1982. Something I guess.

      1. I’ve seen some speculation that it should have long legs, because it appeals to the kind of person who might not rush out on opening weekend, plus fans who’ll give it repeat business. Hopefully that along with word of mouth (it’s been getting good scores from those who did see it) will mean it isn’t entirely front-loaded.

  3. Matthew McKinnon

    I saw it!
    It was very good. I need to see it again to balance it a bit in my head, but remarkably confident and assured pace and visual approach. And a good story.
    I thought the music was a terrible shame – the cold, spare images really needed a unique musical identity instead of thundering Blade Runner pastiche. And a couple of scenes towards the end felt off. But overall a bit of a triumph.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I shall get my review posted later today, but like you I really need to see it again. In fact I think I’ll be seeing it tomorrow with a little luck. While the box office seems troubling it does seem that most people who see it enjoy it and maybe repeat viewing will improve that box office a little.

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