First Impressions of 2049

2049aWell, in a somewhat bewildering -pinch me is this real?- evening of utter strangeness I finally saw Blade Runner 2049. I’ll post a considered review in a few days, but first impressions are it’s a fine sequel to Blade Runner, both informing and expanding on the first film. Indeed, while most of us never wanted a Blade Runner sequel, if we had to have one I’m rather glad its this one.

I didn’t expect it to be quite so disturbing. There are plot points and stuff referencing the original that really quite impacted me. I’m not sure where I stand on all of that but yeah, it was a strange feeling that ran through me for most of the film. It wasn’t a comfort blanket of familiar sights and sounds that, say, The Force Awakens was to Star Wars fans. This was… something else.

At any rate, yes it looks beautiful, Harrison Ford is quite remarkable, his best performance in many years, the film does have pacing issues (but I like wallowing in long films) and the music is the films weakest element, as I first feared hearing that Johann Johannsson had been replaced. But it is a great, great sequel even if it may not be a great, great movie (which it possibly is, I need to see it again next week).

Certainly its this year’s must-watch movie, and experienced on the biggest screen possible. Its quite remarkable.