Oh, go on, another Blade Runner 2049 trailer…

Another trailer has landed: few more hints revealed, some more gorgeous photography. It’s just on the right side of revealing enough while keeping (hopefully, anyway) the real meat under wraps. It is a nice trailer though- really, even the multiplex crowd are possibly stoked for this one. Which feels a bit weird. Blade Runner was an arthouse film posing as a blockbuster, a thoughtful mood piece that took years to find its place. This one is clearly something else- seeing a Blade Runner film with action sequences etc. is a little odd to be honest but at least whilst it is clearly a different animal it somehow still feels like a Blade Runner film.  I don’t know. It still looks better than what I had feared it would be when it was announced a few years back. Not long to go now, so I hope any future trailers ease off on revealing much more.

13 thoughts on “Oh, go on, another Blade Runner 2049 trailer…

  1. It’s definitely reached the point where I’m thinking carefully before choosing to watch a new trailer or not.

    Relatedly, I presume you’ve seen the new posters released yesterday? It’s as if the film looks so beautiful they’ve instead had to scratch some executive’s teal-and-orange itch by going OTT on the posters…

    1. Matthew McKinnon

      Marketing is marketing though. If the film’s interesting or unusual (fingers crossed), then it’ll be a harder sell, so you have to ditch good taste and just do what you have to do. Hence terrible posters.

    2. First thing I thought was “oh, they are selling it like a Marvel superhero movie”. Which is horrible, but the original film was a tough sell and I can understand why they go the Marvel movie route. Superhero movies are ‘event’ movies, spectacles which get bums on seats especially with opening weekends being so important.

      But it is a bloody ugly poster. Worries me a bit, with Zimmer brought on board to boost the score and posters selling it like a Guardians of the Galaxy 3, there seems a faltering confidence in it as an adult sci film film.

      1. Matthew McKinnon

        The score thing is actually worrying me now. When the news broke I’d forgotten how close the release date was, and I think it’s going to be a bit of a hurried ‘what have you already got on the shelf that sounds a bit like Vangelis but more importantly, like The Dark Knight?’ job.

        Maybe there’ll be an alternative score track on the 4K Blu with just JJ’s original score.

      2. It just all seems so ordinary, the kind of film/poster/score that we get all the time. It seemed so refreshingly original up until a few weeks ago. I hope it’s not indicative of last-minute doubts behind the scenes.

        Although if there ARE doubts behind the scenes, maybe that’s actually something positive. Any film that gets the studio boys worried might be a good thing. It’s those boring sure-fire hits that get studios excited that are usually terrible.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    Like I said, it’s marketing. You have to sell it to the lowest common denominator. Even Blade Runner was sold as ’21st century detective chases renegade robots in his flying car!’.

    1. I have a mental picture of what a ‘lowest common denominator’ looks like and it ain’t pretty. Spends most of his time texting on his smartphone during the film whilst chewing on his popcorn/hotdog. Hope he doesn’t turn up when I go in to watch Blade Runner 2049…

    1. Bugger. So I need a new BR disc, new player, new telly. It’s not fair. Time for a lottery win.

      In other news, Blade Runner 2049 is said to be 2 hrs 43 mins of Villeneuve/Deakins sorcery. Golly!

    1. Ha, ha. Actually I’m hoping you’ll do my research for me when you select your own 4K set-up next year and I can utilise the benefit of your advice. I’m sure it’s something of a minefield; all sorts of different HDR etc. I read recently on a video-games forum that no current 4K tv is set-up for games consoles regards variable frame-rate sync. The tech seems to be being rolled out every year with new modes and updates- at least with 3D I guess you knew where you stood with displays and standards. 4K and HDR seems all over the place.

      And some of the current high-end prices are eye-watering… sure it will all come down with time… (“Time enough…” as Batty said). Didn’t Richard get a 3D/4K tv this year? I’ll have to ask him how he’s gotten on…

  3. j howland


    Check out the images of Dr. Tyrell and Randall Stephenson. Maybe somebody who is better with images can make this work better. Nothing quite like one corporation that owns everything. jh



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