The 2017 Selection Pt.5

coll4My efforts to restrict disc-buying seem to be working. Maybe it is the lull before the storm, but this post is my first ‘2017 Selection’ update since April, some three months ago, so I must be doing something right.

First addition to the pile is the first season of Jessica Jones. I really enjoyed Daredevil earlier this year, and this is another of those Marvel Netflix shows. I bought it in a sale, and it’s still in the shrinkwrap. But I’m sure I’ll get around to it sooner than I do the second season of Fargo, which I have already seen on its network airing some time ago. I enjoyed the show immensely- it is terrific television, but here in the UK we are deemed unworthy of a Blu-ray release (another indication of the waning format?) so I bought a copy from the States, again, my purchase triggered by seeing it cheap. My Tivo currently has seven episodes of season 3 to watch, and the romantic in me would love to watch season two again beforehand but the realist in me knows that’s never going to happen. This Season Two set may languish unwatched for some months yet but it’s going to be a real pleasure to revisit the series again eventually. This season was one of the best tv shows I have ever seen, set in the Seventies with great source music and references to CE3K that still bring a smile to my face every time I remember them.

Next is Matinee, a Joe Dante film I have somehow neglected to see, in an Arrow release that finally dropped in price. Yes another purchase triggered by a sale. There’s a pattern clearly taking form here, promptly broken by Indicator’s recent Sinbad boxset, which I pre-ordered when it was first announced. Ray Harryhausen. ‘Nuff said.

Two more new releases follow, here two films that I failed to see at the cinema although I was rather tempted- my issue is, the price of two cinema tickets these days is more than the price of buying a disc, and if it’s likely to be a film I’ll enjoy enough to buy on disc anyway, well, why not save the cinema price and use it for the disc instead? It’s the kind of logic a Vulcan would be proud of – and only completely shatters if it’s a film I end up not liking, alas. Well, as anyone who read my Logan review the other day will know, sometimes it all works out fine.

5 thoughts on “The 2017 Selection Pt.5

  1. The Sinbad set is a beauty… though with two more similar Harryhausen sets on the way, both this year I think, it’s gonna get costly!

    Were you part of the kerfuffle trying to preorder Arrow’s The Thing yesterday? Their site’s still down because of it.

    1. Hmm I was a bit late to the party last night so missed some of the hysterics of downed websites and out of stock reports at Amazon. I managed to preorder the ‘standard’ LE with the book (the steelbook looks… well, I would have preferted the b&w art of the original soundtrack album so just as well it wasn’t). It looks a typically fine Arrow edition in anycase.

      I’ve bought so many editions of The Thing (the original US R1 edition was my very first DVD I think). I hope a 4K edition doesnt surface in a few years, this double/triple buying is getting nuts at this point.

      1. Yeah, it was a bit daft with it pinging on and off Amazon every few hours. Does seem to have settled down now, and Arrow’s site is back too — but saying out of stock! I bet that’s really pissed some people off.

        I haven’t read about it too much, but I believe it’s a new 4K scan by/for Arrow (whereas Shout’s was only 2K), so I imagine if they still have the rights when 4K discs become economically viable for boutique labels, this’ll be one of the first. Goodness knows when that day will come, though.

      2. Matthew McKinnon

        It will.
        There’s an interesting comment from them on their FB post, comparing the rollout of Blu-ray discs in the early days to the development of 4K UHD now.

        The gist of it was that we’re at the same stage now as we were with Blu-ray in 2008-2010. It’ll be another couple of years before production costs and consumer adoption reaches the point where smaller companies can start releasing films. Then you can bet that new 4k transfer Arrow have done will be straight out of the gate.

        On a similar note, we are now getting Blade Runner, Close Encounters and ET on 4K this year. I need to start saving up for a new TV.

  2. That 4K Blade Runner certainly had me wavering, but to be honest I’m still happy with my current tv- it’s five or six years old now but still the best picture quality I’ve ever had. 1080 HD seems spectacular enough, and there’s titles like The Abyss that haven’t even hit Blu-ray yet.

    Which is my way of saying that I’ll likely hang fire until next year or 2019 or even later. God only knows where the physical disc formats will be by then.

    Unless that Blade Runner in 4K is truly phenomenal. Maybe it’ll be time to start future-proofing by buying 4K/Blu-ray combos next year.

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