We are all getting old, Bats…

bat1Today is Danny Elfman’s 64th birthday. Incredible. I always thought of him as a youngster, one of the young turks that was threatening the thrones of Goldsmith and Williams etc… and he was, I guess. The shock of learning he is now 64, it’s just me forgetting how much time has passed since he came on the scene. My favourite Elfman scores are Edward Scissorhands and Batman… but of course, Batman is some 28 years old now. I really struggle to get my head around that- Tim Burton’s Batman is 28 years old… thats two years shy of the inevitable 30th Anniversary set that Warners will no doubt drop on us. But goodness me… 28 years?

I’ve noted before my tendency to judge the passing of time by film release dates, as if the films and their summers are markers of my life. Which they are of course. I am certain it is the same for everyone who loves film, except that where Star Wars or Blade Runner fit in with my childhood and youth respectively, I am sure that Terminator 2 or Titanic – or even Avatar, I guess, at this point in time- do for others.

But crikey. The idea that Danny Elfman is 64 years old today, and that this year Tim Burton’s Batman is 28 years old…  Yes, its a sobering thought: I’m getting old too.

Holy Anniversaries Batman. And happy birthday Mr Elfman.

4 thoughts on “We are all getting old, Bats…

  1. I often find culture (movies, TV, music, all of it) is the most effective thing for making you feel the passage of time and/or your age. Like when someone who appears to be a fully-grown adult says “that was such a big part of my childhood!” about something you haven’t quite got round to because it came out so recently. That’s the worst one.

    1. The worst one for me was when I mentioned Close Encounters of the Third Kind and was responded by utterly blank faces in the office. Not a “nah, not seen it” but a “whats that?” That film was such a huge cultural item in 1978 and after… Well, at least if you lived during it, I guess. I felt like someone from another planet.

      1. I guess it’s not got enough explosions to have endured(!)

        I’d like to think that’s not a common experience — go on a film website or something and of course everyone’s heard of Close Encounters — but in the wild with Normal People… It’d make me want to get a list of great movies and go through it: “Have you heard of this? Have you heard of this?”

  2. Which rather scares me- how insular a world is it, enjoying movies as much as we do? Movies are one of the biggest cultural items in our modern world, and yet at the same time, it can be such a fringe thing. Makes me feel something of an oddball (but I’d prefer the mental image of a wise elder who imparts his wisdom on the ignorant young ‘uns around him, ho ho).

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