Sir Roger Moore has died

bondmooreThe news that Sir Roger Moore, famous for playing James Bond, has died, at the grand age of 89, is sad indeed (especially on what has been a pretty grim news day here in the UK anyway). While Moore is not my favourite Bond, the appeal of his humorous, tongue-in-cheek spy is undeniable, particularly now, with Daniel Craig’s gritty, darker Bond inevitably reflecting these darker days we live in. There is a wonderful escapism, a sense of returning to simpler, more innocent times with many of Roger Moore’s Bond films. Which is not to suggest they were simpler films for simpler times. Of course, the real world was pretty rough even then, but those Bond films seem (with hindsight) to have been a reaction to rather than a reflection of, those times, in just the same way perhaps as Star Wars appealed with its own escape from reality. Bond fans were taken all over the world and Bond faced many a peril, but always with an arched eyebrow and sardonic one-liner. Yes, I’m thinking of John Brosnan again- its as if Moore was often winking at the audience and reminding them ‘it’s only a movie’.

Ironically, my own favourite Roger Moore Bond movie has always been For Your Eyes Only, which itself was a reaction to the excesses of the preceding Bond film, Moonraker. It was a more realistic Bond film which had less of the humour and crazy gadgets. But I’m also rather partial to The Spy Who Loved Me, which seems the definitive Roger Moore Bond film. Yes it is daft hokum, but its always charming, in no small way due to Roger Moore. If I had the opportunity (and I have not, unfortunately, as alas real-life rears its ugly head- apologies for sporadic postings of late), I would probably pop The Spy Who Loved Me on tonight. I’m sure many of us could do with an escape into the simpler pleasures of a Roger Moore Bond film these days.


4 thoughts on “Sir Roger Moore has died

  1. A day of rotten news all round. Having said that, Sir Roger had a good run and left us with a load of terrific cinema memories. He was the Bond I grew up with in the cinema so he’ll always have a special place in my memory. RIP

  2. Tom

    We’re all keeping the people of Manchester and the greater England community in our thoughts (and prayers, for those who pray of course) over here stateside. What a horrible day, and now with this. Jeez.

    Roger Moore was a fun Bond, not one I could ever take seriously but then there were multiple actors who I couldn’t *really* take seriously in the role. But I’ll always, always remember Moonraker. That movie is flat-out silliness but it’s so much fun. Rest in Peace Roger. Thanks for the memories in space:

    “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”

    1. Appreciate your comment, Tom. Its an increasingly dark and strange world, and we could do with Sir Roger’s Bond to cheer us up whilst saving the day.

      Re-entry, ha ha. Love it. Makes the whole film worthwhile.

  3. I’ve been meaning to revisit all of Roger’s Bonds for a while now (maybe this’ll finally spur me on, sadly). I used to be one of the people who would bemoan Moonraker as a terrible misstep, but the past few times I’ve really come round to it as a fun adventure. (A View to a Kill, on the other hand… no.) He was obviously a very different Bond to… well, all the others, actually (with the possible exception of Brosnan, who I always think of as 50/50 Connery/Moore), and he’s not my favourite either because I tend to prefer the serious ones, but there’s definitely a time for his take — and no one can say he didn’t make the part his own!

    We started watching The Persuaders this evening, which I’ve only seen one episode of before (after Tony Curtis died, sadly enough). They both seem to be having a whale of a time, it’s a fun show, and a great way to remember him. It’s sad he’s gone, but you feel he lived a full and fully-enjoyed life.

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