Warner Herald, Sept/October 1982

br herald2.jpgHere’s a curio that I discovered in some old papers today. It might be rather rare after all these years so I thought it worth posting about. Its the first issue of a four-page newspaper titled the Warner Herald, which I picked up in my ABC cinema when I first saw Blade Runner back in September of 1982.  Evidently it is something Warner Bros tried back then to publicise its current movies. No idea if it ever managed a second issue, although a column within this does ask for letters for a future Letter to the Editor page. I kept it as a keepsake and stored it away all these long years, occasionally digging it out for a nostalgic read. Anyway, here’s a few photos of those sections concerning my favourite film, as this may be interesting to other Blade Runner fans. The photos aren’t brilliant, I guess I can scan the pages in if anyone really wants to read it properly. If nothing else, its an insight of how the film was marketed back during its initial release. You know, back in the Dark Ages when the world was pre-Internet.

br herald1

br herald3br herald4




3 thoughts on “Warner Herald, Sept/October 1982

  1. Rachel Pugh

    It obviously had a short run at least as I have a December 1982 copy featuring Night Shift and James Bond 🙂

    1. That’s brilliant, thanks, that’s a mystery solved. I wonder if someone who was a regular cinemagoer back then has every edition they printed of it? I bet the marketing peeps behind it would have never guessed people would remember it decades later or even still have copies.

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