The 2017 Selection Pt.4

selection4bI’ve bought a few discs lately, which is putting into question my intent to curtail the expenditure this year and be a bit more selective, and required another updated photo of this year’s shelf. Beginning to wonder if I’m managing to keep the quality level up. So what of the additions since last time?

The Big Heat – Another Indicator release, and it’s clear those boys are after my wallet this year. Watched this only last night (review coming up sometime soon) and it was brilliant. Hadn’t seen this before, but as I love Film Noir (my second favourite film genre) it was a must-purchase, particularly as it was recommended online. It deserves all the praise, its excellent, and deserving special mention regards this Indicator release is that it features one of the very best booklets I’ve ever seen released with a disc.

Jason & The Argonauts – An old childhood favourite, and an excellent Blu-ray edition. The trouble with catalogue titles is that if you want more of them, and want them with plentiful extras and TLC, then you have to buy them, particularly now with physical disc sales diminishing. If you don’t buy ’em, they won’t release ’em- with that logic, it’s clear it is going to be an expensive year for Harryhausen films on blu-ray, with Indicator having several coming up. The cunning devils. I tell you, I may as well hand them my wallet.

KIng Kong – I love this film. Another of those HMV exclusives that required a journey into darkness/in-store purchase. This is a nice package with a nice booklet, but I have a fancy R1 DVD copy in an embossed tin-box package with same extras etc (which is what this HD release is based on, although it came in a digibook in the States). Tempted to get it out and pop these blu-ray discs in place of the DVDs, so there may be a transformation in the 2017 selections’ next update. Looking forward to giving this a spin late at night sometime. Can’t beat curling up with this film around midnight.

Kubo and the Two Strings- I’d never even heard of this until it was released on disc early this year, and read some glowing reviews that put it on my watchlist. Amazon dropping it to a fiver last week was too good an offer to refuse (note to self: ignore sales/offers as much as possible in future. Maybe stop browsing online altogether. It won’t end well).  Very curious about this one as I usually love this kind of stuff.

Rogue One An inevitable purchase and what I’ll most likely be watching tonight. We’ll see if it measures up on another viewing (particularly regards how CGI Tarkin and Leia look on a smaller screen).

Well I’m off to hide in a hole so I won’t be able to buy anymore discs for a bit. Need to watch a few of these first (Garcia– I can’t believe I haven’t gotten around to watching Garcia yet!).

5 thoughts on “The 2017 Selection Pt.4

  1. That’s a handsome looking shelf with lots of quality. Indicator really are doing good things, especially regarding extras and booklets. I have a review copy of The Lady from Shanghai sitting in front of me and it’s another winner in the transfer and supplements stakes – I hope to get something thoughts on it cobbled together within the week.

    1. The Lady from Shangai is my next pre-order due. Never seen it before, really looking forward to it. Glad it looks like a great release. This is really looking to be a definitive year for catalogue releases and I’m certain they will dominate my 2017 collection as the year goes on.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    Hmmm, I may have to venture into the hell that is HMV (wherever there’s one still remaining in London) to get the King Kong and Jason discs. Thanks for the tip, I’d been after those two in affordable editions for a while.

  3. Hurrah for Kubo! I hope I didn’t oversell it…

    I also picked up The Big Heat. I’ve nearly bought the Twilight Time release a couple of times, so I’m very glad I never caved. I really liked it when I saw it a few years ago; looking forward to a better-informed revisit.

    I notice Indicator announced their Sinbad box set today. I imagine I’ll be preordering that — got to get in there straightway if you want booklets nowadays, and I love a good booklet. They certainly want to part me with all my money (got The Lady from Shanghai on order also)… though so does everyone this year, it feels like. Arrow are definitely at it; I’ve got my eye on a few Criterions, both US and UK; and that’s not to mention whatever comes from the big studios. I feel like the once-great Masters of Cinema have been getting thoroughly overshadowed of late, but even they have a couple of good’uns on the way now.

    Basically I need to develop more self-restraint…

    1. Well, when I started to list my purchases this year it was partly a way of second-thinking and being extra-mindful about my choices. I had no idea that Indicator was coming on the scene or that Arrow would be so busy… Its just not fair. I can see it all blowing up in my face. This could be one of the biggest years for catalogue titles yet. I dread to think how I’ll fit them all in one photo soon!

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