Damn, this poster is cool…

AlienCovenantI refuse to get suckered by those marketing boys, but crikey, they seem to be doing everything right with Ridley’s latest, Alien: Covenant. First the trailer looked great, then they released a really nice video short/prologue to set the film up, and now they go release this fantastic poster. Even those of us burned by Prometheus will be getting the hots for this movie. I guess job done, publicity boys. Over to you Ridley…

5 thoughts on “Damn, this poster is cool…

  1. I think all the engineers are dead, fro whats intimated in the trailer. The only good engineer is a dead engineer, and I’m sure the xenomorphs will be happy to oblige if any sneak into the movie still alive. The engineers certainly seem to be on the receiving end in the poster, anyway.

  2. Fingers crossed. Ridley’s recent pronouncement that the sequel to Covenant will be a prequel to Covenant bridging the gap from Prometheus doesn’t overly fill me with confidence for the general future of the series, though.

    1. I’ll be very surprised if that prequel to Covenant ever happens, its just too risky of confusing audiences. Besides, if Covenant proves to be a hit the studio will put pressure on to move forward and see what happens next to whoever survives (i.e. a traditional sequel).

      That said, I’d like to see that prequel. Anyone invested in Prometheus will want to see what happened and I don’t know how much will be revealed in Covenant. The android David seems to have leapt into full-on mad scientist/evil robot mode in Covenant and I want to see why. Plus what happened to Shaw? There is certainly a story there.

      1. It does seem like a particularly difficult sell to the general audience. I mean, there were people who were confused why they weren’t showing Rey & Finn & BB-8 in the Rogue One marketing…

        Still, I wonder if the studio (or possibly even Ridley) wanted to get away from the bad/mixed opinions surrounding Prometheus by simply jumping beyond Shaw, but if Covenant is a success the idea is people will then stomach a linking movie? I guess time will tell.

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