The 2017 Selection Pt.3

2017s3Here’s the latest state of the 2017 selection. There’s been a few additions since my last update. And hey, I’m still trying to curtail the spending this year.

Heat: God, another copy. Its just one of those movies. I think I have a VHS copy up in the loft somewhere, a widescreen version that came in a big box, don’t know if anybody out there remembers that edition. Studios must love idiots like me. So I buy this thinking it might be definitive and before it’s even arrived people are moaning about colour-timing and sound issues. I don’t know. At least it was strangely (suspiciously, maybe?) cheap. So I’ve got it in HD for something like a third of what I paid for it back on VHS. I won’t mention the DVD  thats lying around someplace. And no, I haven’t watched this copy yet.

The Leftovers- Season Two: I mentioned this awhile ago, as its what finally got me around to watching season one, and (hurrah!) I’ve also watched this too- review coming soon. Yeah, I’ve watched something in the 2017 selection- will this catch on? (he wonders, noting he still hasn’t watched Assault on Precinct 13 or Vampires or Garcia yet) .

Dr Strange: Actually, yes, I’ve watched this too, as my review a few weeks ago will attest. Well, I hadn’t seen it at the cinema and I’d been curious about it for months.

Logans Run/The Omega Man/Soylent Green: A triple-feature blu ray set, with each film coming in at under £4 each. Well, I’m always a sucker for deals like that. These are three 1970s dystopian science fiction films, each flawed in their own way but each having redeeming features making them worth re-watching, at least for someone like me who grew up with them on tv- I guess  viewers born post-1990 needn’t bother, they’ll likely hate them. Their loss; hell, they are worth watching if only for the soundtracks (which I have on CD for all three- yes I am that nerd in the corner).

Arrival: The best film of last year. A compulsory  blu ray purchase. I watched the disc the other night and yes, it just confirmed Oscar had it all wrong- Amy Adams deserved a nomination at the very least, and quite possibly the statuette itself too. This is a science fiction film for the ages and deserves to be ranked up there with CE3K. I should probably do another review based on the home experience. Indeed, I could watch this all over again already. There’s something strangely rewatchable about this film, the way it flows, the direction, the acting… wonderful sound design. This film has me so excited for Blade Runner 2049 (if only they could do something about that title; it still feels awkward to me). Its made me wonder though, how rare it is to watch a science fiction film these days and think it’s one for the ages.

So anyway, as we tumble towards April, this is the latest photo of my disc purchases this year. And yes, by year’s end, I vow to have watched everything in this photo.

8 thoughts on “The 2017 Selection Pt.3

  1. A good, varied haul there. And you’ve reminded me I must see about getting the soundtrack to The Omega Man. It’s is simply superb, and there are some days when I come close to convincing myself the whole film is superb.

    1. I’m certainly trying to be cautious buying discs this year, and suspect it will ultimately be dominated by catalogue stuff (I have Indicator’s edition of The Big Heat on the way) as I leave the lesser (modern) stuff to streaming rentals.

      Yes, Ron Grainer’s The Omega Man soundtrack is brilliant and sounds great on the FSM disc. They don’t music that cool anymore. I’m really looking forward to watching the blu-ray, it has been a few years since I last saw it, and naturally that was on DVD. Got to wonder what it will be like in HD, even if it has had little TLC applied.

  2. Its from the US- marketplace sellers on Amazon uk are selling it (about £13) or you can get it direct from I saw the individual editions that HMV are selling here as an exclusive and when I was checking the extras against the American editions (they are the same discs) I noticed that Warner over there had released this triple-feature bundle. Bargain really and as the transfers likely aren’t spectacular has to be the ideal way to buy them, certainly compared to the £15 each that HMV are charging.

  3. This is only my second time owning Heat, the first being DVD, so it didn’t feel too egregious an upgrade. Opinion seems wildly divided on the transfer (some people love it), so I’ve decided to just not worry about it. I find most transfers that appear troublesome when comparing details of online screengrabs actually look fine in motion on TV anyway.

    I was a bit miffed that we’ve lost one of the featurettes on Arrival — for once I’m intending to make an effort to watch the special features and they go and leave one out! But it’s on YouTube (for the time being) and I’m bound to only watch it once anyway, so… In general I’m trying to make an effort to care less about special features when making purchasing decisions, because I so rarely get round to them.

    1. I’d love to know WHY that featurette was cut, whether it was a rights issue or a disc-space thing or something. I wonder if someone could find out. Its actually possibly the most interesting of the featurettes as the music was such a big part of the film. I’ll have to look it up on youtube.

      1. Goodness only knows. Rights or space are good explanations usually, but the UK disc doesn’t have a bunch of different Europe-ready language tracks taking up room, and apparently it doesn’t use any music that isn’t also used elsewhere. Maybe it wasn’t made by the same people as the other special features and so requires a separate licence, but that would seem unlikely. But then why leave it out for literally no reason? Baffling.

        Anyway, if you haven’t found it already it’s on YouTube here.

  4. Thanks, just watched it- doubly annoying, its a great featurette, really informative and as a buyer of the soundtrack especially interesting. Definitely should have been on the disc. Its all very strange.

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