Eddie in the snow

p1050418-2Woke up to a little snow this morning, not much more than a dusting really, although it continued to fall up to early afternoon. It gave young Eddie his first experience of the white stuff and he relished racing around in it. Dogs are weird.

Of course, I simply had to take photos to record the event. Dog owners are weird too.


2 thoughts on “Eddie in the snow

  1. Ironically, the thing Eddie hasn’t seen yet is bright warm sunshine on a long sunny day. All he’s known since we had him mid-November is cold, grey, damp, short days and long nights. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive, the days warm and lengthen.

    Besides which, Westies get muddy all the time due to their short legs. Its endless baths. I’d give anything for a few weeks of dry warm days. The sooner Winter is over the better. No, its not a smart time of the year to have a puppy!

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