The Force is strong with this one…

100_5489From a blogger who had the Star Wars soundtrack on cassette given him for his twelfth birthday back in 1978, a very happy birthday to film composer John Williams, who is 85 today. Life would have much less joy in this world without this amazing man’s music.

The Force is indeed strong with him, 85 years old and still working, composing the score for another Star Wars film (Episode 8: The Last Jedi) this year. Quite remarkable considering that cassette I was listening to dates back almost 39 years ago. Bravo, maestro.

4 thoughts on “The Force is strong with this one…

    1. I was disappointed by The Force Awakens, but after the brilliant return to form of Rogue One, yes, I’m looking forward to The Last Jedi and I’m hoping it can get on with an original story rather than get sidetracked setting things up and rebooting the saga. And here’s hoping it has a really great score.

      1. I can definitely see what you’re saying. The Force Awakens was quite safe with it’s execution, it hit all the right notes, but didn’t make any new ones, if that makes sense. I’m really hyped for the new film!

        Have you ever shared your thoughts on other movie sites before?

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