Villeneuve’s Dune

dune1Ah yes, I’m liking the sound of that. Legendary Pictures has confirmed that Dennis Villeneuve has signed to direct their upcoming  remake of Dune. Well, here the term ‘remake’ seems a little wrong- this won’t be a remake of the David Lynch movie, but rather a fresh adaptation of the Frank Herbert classic space opera novel. Dune is one of my very favourite sci-fi novels; its got a huge, far-future scope, its at turns mysterious and familiar and rather terrifying too. I know many don’t feel it has aged at all well (it wears its 1960s hippie/counter-culture credentials loud and proud) but I love it, and you know, maybe its time has finally come. The David Lynch film has terrific art direction and looks impressively strange and other-worldly, but was always hampered by the effects of its era and its limited running-time. I think film-makers can get away with a three-hour film now, and a longer director’s cut is so normal on home formats that an eventual four-hour cut likely inevitable- and of course with cgi imagery now anything is possible.

If it gets made that is. Too many of these projects (and quite a few involving Dune, including attempts from  Alejandro Jodorowsky and Ridley Scott) have fallen through over the years, so this announcement might yet lead to nothing. I’m sure the box-office performance of Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 will have some impact on its progress. Have to give some credit to Villeneuve though, he’s got some bottle- first he takes on the sequel to one of the most iconic sci-fi films ever made, and then he jumps into making one of the great sci-fi classics. And both after shooting a sci-fi flick titled Arrival that gets several Oscar nominations. Wow. Eat your heart out James Cameron, there’s a new genre kid on the block.

And he could be making Dune next. Pinch me.

4 thoughts on “Villeneuve’s Dune

  1. I love Dune — back from the days when I used to actually bother to read books (shame on me). I never felt it was dated, but then I was probably too young to have spotted any relation to the ’60s — it was set in the far future on distant worlds, after all! Been meaning to revisit Lynch’s version for yonks; actually, I happened to download the fan edit some people swear by last year, but haven’t made time for it yet. The miniseries, too. I was a big fan of that back in the day.

    Anyway, I hope this happens. I was grateful when the last attempt died (the director of Battleship, seriously?!), but this has such inherent promise.

  2. Tom

    Wow — this is supremely exciting. “Eat your heart out James Cameron.” Love it! And could not agree more. This guy is really becoming something special

    1. Cameron has sat back cooking up four Avatar sequels no-one wants when he could have just gotten ahead with all sorts of sci-fi stuff. He’s fast becoming as irrelevant as Avatar is in a world getting Star Wars films every year.

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