That Blade Runner sound


With Vangelis’ Delectus box-set arriving in a few days time, the elephant in the room regarding that release is it lacking the Blade Runner score. It should include the score because the box has (most) of the albums Vangelis created at Nemo Studios in London, and listening to them chronologically will inevitably indicate how much of the music is building to the creation of that iconic score. In a shady episode in the story of Blade Runner, the soundtrack release was delayed until a decade later on a different label, so it’s understandable but still annoying.

Which leads me to this fascinating video I discovered on Youtube. Well, fascinating to me, as I love Vangelis’ score to Blade Runner, but possibly boring as hell to most everyone else. Somebody plays an old-vintage Yamaha CS70, approximating the brass sound of the Yamaha CS80 that Vangelis used so well in his Blade Runner score.

Apologies if its bored you to tears. Like… tears in the rain… sorry. Couldn’t resist.



One thought on “That Blade Runner sound

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    That was lovely! I’ve got a virtual version of that synth on my laptop, with that BR sound as a preset. But watching it come together like that was brilliant. And the pitch bend at the end was the icing on the cake.

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