Arrival’s painful Oscar snub


“And Amy Adams? If this film doesn’t reward her with an Oscar nomination, there is no justice. She manages such a powerful, understated performance it will likely be under the Oscar radar (Oscar loves the big loud and melodramatic ‘Look At Me I’m Acting’stuff). There is so much going on in just her eyes, its breathtaking really.”

I wrote the passage above as part of my review of Arrival back in November. Alas, I have been proved right. The Oscar nominees have been revealed this week for the 2017 Oscars, and while Arrival has done extremely well, garnering several nominations, in my eyes the most deserved was not forthcoming. Clearly it was not a traditionally showy  ‘look at me I’m acting’ performance that easily grabs attention, it was much more subtle and nuanced, so I would not expect her to win the Best Actress statuette but certainly a nomination was surely deserved.

Okay, we all know the Oscars is nonsense and shouldn’t be taken seriously, there is far too much politics and studio/career maneuvering at work to really consider it a balanced award based on actual merit, but really, this snub for Amy Adam’s work in Arrival is still pretty shocking. Its not as if Arrival was a dumb sci-fi blockbuster (the genre always struggles to be taken seriously by the arthouse crowd full of their own self-importance) This was a serious and adult film with performances and story worthy of praise from most critics, and even managed to do well commercially at the box-office too.

If by some miracle Arrival actually wins Best Picture… well, there’s no chance really- Oscar just ignored the heart and quiet soul of a film-carrying performance, so it hardly going to recognise that film, is it?

Something certainly went wrong here. Nevermind, I’ll just snub Oscar right back.

3 thoughts on “Arrival’s painful Oscar snub

  1. I haven’t seen any of the Best Actress nominees yet, but I find it hard to believe all five topped Adams’ work. I’ve seen some speculation that her also giving a good performance in Nocturnal Animals split the vote, but, considering that film got shut out almost entirely, it seems unlikely. I think “Meryl Streep being in something (anything)” had more to do with it.

  2. It is just bizarre, especially seeing as she was wonderful in TWO films last year. Meryl Streep’s an undeniably brilliant actress but I wouldn’t say FFJ feels like an ‘Oscar’ film – fun and charming but not Arrival

    1. It smacks of politics- Meryl is a such a ‘darhling’, isn’t she, in acting circles? And her baiting of Trump wouldnt do her odds of winning any harm either. Seems who you are and who you know rather than quality of work ensures success with Oscar?

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