Arrow has The Thing!

thing1Well, the award for the Blu-ray release of the year might be in the bag already- Arrow has announced it has the license to release a new Blu-ray edition of John Carpenter’s The Thing here in the UK later this year. As someone who has gazed enviously across the pond at Scream Factory’s release of the film last year (I’m not region-free) this is exactly the news I’ve been hoping for. Not sure what the folks at Arrow could add  extras-wise that might top the SF release (I’m fairly confident Arrow will licence some if not all of the SF extras) but no doubt it will be a great package and hopefully have a superb picture quality.  Roll on October, or whenever we are due to get it (I presume October as it’s the right time to release a horror film for obvious reasons- pity the damn fool back in 1982 who decided to release the film in the summer and almost derail Carpenter’s career).


11 thoughts on “Arrow has The Thing!

  1. Yes, good news. As someone else who isn’t region free for Blu releases like this are very welcome – they usually end up cheaper too, which is another bonus.

    1. The recent 10 Rillington Place is a good example of that. Much cheaper and better-specced than the Twilight Time release apparently.

      There has been speculation that Arrow might try bundle the Howard Hawks original in a deluxe release of The Thing- that would be neat. Maybe with the recent prequel film too as some kind of trilogy edition? These days anything seems possible.

  2. Matthew McKinnon

    I have the SF release and it’s stellar. There’s a slightly ‘modern’ blue bias to the new transfer, so hold onto your existing blu-ray if that bothers you, but the level of detail is terrific. The only thing I can think they might add is to reinstate the music-only track from the original DVD. And a reversible sleeve with the alternative poster from ’82…

    Roll on October.

    1. I think I could put up with that ‘blueness’ for the added detail and all those new interviews in the extras. Whats the Alan Dean Foster one like (I loved that novelization back in ’82).? About the only thing bad about the SF edition is the horrible artwork- its shocking. Hope Arrow has a trick up its sleeve with that. I still prefer the original stark vinyl album artwork.

  3. I think you mentioned recently you’re not on Facebook? That’s for the best — Arrow’s announcement post was full of whiney Americans & multi-regioners who couldn’t understand why Arrow would release something Shout had already put out. The sense of entitlement (and lack of awareness about the realities of other consumers / the wider market / etc) among some collectors is astounding.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing what Arrow put together. I’d like it if they were able to include the 2011 film — I didn’t hate it, and as I own the boxset with both it’d suit me to be able to shift that. Someone floated the idea of including the sequel without the CGI that replaced practical effects. Unlikely I guess, but it’d be neat.

    Normally I quite like Arrow’s art (not all of it — some of their noir releases have foul covers), but you can’t beat Drew Struzan’s original poster. Just pop that on the front, job’s a good’un.

    1. Yes I quite liked the 2011 (has it been that long?) prequel too. I’m almost afraid to watch it again incase it isn’t as good/harmless as I remember, but I didn’t expect much at the time and other than some unwise cgi it seemed a sincere shot at a ‘Thing’ film. Better than it might have been, anyway.

      Regards Facebook, well yes social media brings out the worst in people doesn’t it? All the self-entitled idiots come out to play. I don’t think my blood pressure could stand it. Why Americans should feel they have any rights to comment on a UK label quite escapes me- good luck to them if they are multiregion and benefit from UK editions, but other than that they should shut up and put up. God knows if I were multitegion I’d love to import some Criterion stuff, but I wouldn’t feel entitled to bitch about their releases.

      1. Matthew McKinnon

        I don’t think I could ever bitch about Criterion. They’re the gift that just keeps on giving.

        After the previous blu came out years ago with all the horrible DNR on it, I’d given up hope. But no! – coming this May, ‘Being There’ with a new 4K Transfer!

        Now that studios can’t be bothered putting together decent special editions of their own, it’s to our benefit that they’re licensing more and more stuff out to the likes of SF, Criterion and Arrow. Good times.

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