The 2017 Selection



I don’t buy too many discs these days. Not because there isn’t any I want, it’s more a case of trying to be selective before I get buried under the piles in the spare room. There have been quite a few releases over the past few months- The Flight of the Phoenix, Paths of Glory, Fedora, many others- that in the old days I would have just ordered without hesitation. Maybe a sale will give me an offer I cannot refuse, but up to now I’ve been pretty strong. Indeed, in all of December I bought just one film on disc- the Criterion disc of In A Lonely Place.

So it’s got me thinking, and I’m going to launch a series of posts about my purchases this year. See if all my bold talk about keeping the quality level up (and the outlay down) bears fruit over the next twelve months. This month I’ve already been seduced into buying five discs, which I’ve pictured here in a crummy photo which I’ll surely revise when I get more time. What I plan to do (other than watch them and review them, ‘natch) is take a revised photo as I add to the pile; so here’s the initial five. I’ve already commented on buying Assault on Precinct 13 about a fortnight ago (and no, I haven’t watched it yet- horrors!). Last week I bought the fifth and final season of Person of Interest as it was in a sale on (I still have Season 4 to watch though so the shrinkwraps staying on this one awhile), and 10 Rillington Place last week, and today I received Arrows’ Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia and Donnie Darko.

Catalogue titles rule the day it seems, and Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia is the only film I have not seen before (although the DC of Donnie Darko is new to me too). My viewing habits have changed over the past year or so- I tend to leave the new, untested films to streaming services and save disc purchases to films I know and enjoy with extras that add extra value. Certainly these four films I have bought on disc are all excellent editions with extensive extras. So we’ll see if ‘The 2017 Selection’ measures up, and how much money I end up wasting…

2 thoughts on “The 2017 Selection

  1. I’ve been toying with adding a “purchases” section to my monthly posts for a while, to try to shame me into watching stuff quicker, but I’ve basically decided it wouldn’t work and would turn into an exercise in self-flagellation. But I hope you have better luck!

    Anyway, I bought the limited Donnie Darko last month, and Alfredo Garcia turned up today. Also a blind buy. I would’ve waited, but this trend among smaller labels for making almost everything a limited edition somehow (and, in Arrow’s case, discontinuing booklets on re-pressings of every title) has certainly worked in the sense of getting me to buy stuff sooner than I might’ve otherwise.

    1. The limited editions thing is a wee bit annoying, they seem to be taking heed of how the soundtrack speciality labels have worked the last few years. But at least theres usually a ‘standard’ non-limited edition that follows, minus deluxe packaging and possibly some extras. Its not a bad way of doing things. And I can usually wait it out like Assault and Darko for the cheaper version.

      But yeah, I wonder what I’m letting myself in for, hopefully its a way of ensuring I watch what discs I buy in more timely fashion!

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