Assaulting 13 again

assaultBought this blu-ray disc today. I don’t buy many discs these days, as I’m trying to be a bit more selective on what gets added to the collection/pile. Frankly, despite my efforts last year, I still have too many unwatched waiting on the shelf as it is, but this one is a special case. For one thing, its a John Carpenter film, and one of his very best at that. Its a genuine classic film. Lets just agree to never mention that awful remake from a few years ago, yes?

I remember first watching this on a Friday night on BBC 2, it was probably back in 1981 or something like that, as I remember I recorded the film on audio cassette so I could listen to the Carpenter score (I did strange stuff in those analogue days, with cassettes of Carpenter’s Dark Star and The Fog too- I was/am a huge fan of Carpenters scores).  It would be many years before I managed to get the original soundtrack on CD, several years ago now.

I never bought the film on VHS (an off-air recording onto VHS did me nicely for awhile), but the eventual move towards widescreen editions with the DVD format  convinced me to get a copy on R1. This new edition with its bountiful extras has got me double-dipping again, to finally get it in HD. The packaging looks great; its got some pretty nice artwork and housed in a black amaray case, it really works well.

I’ll write a review when I get around to watching it, hopefully within the next week or two. I hope to spend some time with those interesting extras too.

Oh, and here’s a twist, I actually bought this in a shop, rather than via the internet. Shock/horror! I almost regretted it, as it took me ages to actually find the bloody thing- its as if they purposely design shops and arrange contents as awkwardly as possible. Different Blu-ray sections dotted all over the bloody shop without any sense at all, mixed up amongst sale displays… nightmare.

6 thoughts on “Assaulting 13 again

    1. Bingo. HMV. It was like some alien planet. Literally as if they had all the shops contents, put ’em in a giant blender and waited to see where it all ended up. So bizarre. I was walking around and felt like I needed a map. They expect people to go in there and buy something by making it nearly impossible to find?

  1. What is this thing you speak of, “shop”?

    Actually, apparently Sainsbury’s have just expanded their Blu-ray section in some stores, including adding a range of stripped-back Arrow titles. Bizarre… though could be an early sign that Blu-ray will have a vinyl-like resurgence? Fingers crossed.

    1. That would be nice. Maybe if they actually put quality blu-rays in shops people might buy them. If its a success, they could also stock the Criterion discs for instance.

      I think blu-ray as a format has been hurt by dumping dvds into bargain-bin prices and displays. Physical discs should feel like a quality product compared to streaming just as vinyl is compared to mp3 downloads.

      But my HMV experience today hasn’t given me much confidence though.

      1. It’s very strange that we’ve reached a point where major studios just dump older films onto disc with the DVD special features or none at all — if they even bother to release them, that is — while you have these smaller companies putting out high-quality, extras-packed editions of movies only a handful of people have even heard of. I wonder how long it’ll be before that’s all the medium is, with the big studios shunting their focus entirely to streaming? Hopefully not too close…

  2. Yeah, the days of the multi-disc, multi-version set of Blade Runner are long gone, and that kind of multi-doc, 3-hr making-of just would not get financed now. I remember the heady days of DVD and discs like The Abyss. Exciting times that seem quite distant now. Supplements aint what they used to be.

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