Take a walk around Deckard’s apartment

Over the many years and hundreds of times that I watched Blade Runner and devoured all its many details, I would spend ages working out the interior spaces of Deckard’s apartment. In the film, the apartment is drowned in darkness, punctuated by dim lights and secondary illumination of appliances and the neon and shafts of light piercing through windows. The camera follows Deckard around, various scenes show him at a piano, in his kitchen, in his bathroom and bedroom, but there is no overall establishing shot showing how those spaces and objects relate to each other. It’s always been something of a fun jigsaw puzzle, one of those many captivating details of the film- if Deckard is a mystery (human or Replicant?) then so is his apartment, right down to the empty glasses, the incongruity of a piano, all those photos of unknown people (relations?) that are around the place. Well, check this out-

Quentin Lengele, a Creative Software Engineer, has done “a mans job”, as Gaff would say, having created  Blade Runner 9732,  an incredibly detailed virtual creation of Deckard’s apartment. It is actually destined to be a genuine VR experience for those with the tech to enjoy it (alas, count me out on that), but in the video above, you can see a walkthrough in old-fashioned standard 2D that demonstrates the modelling and expertise in building the virtual apartment. Actually donning a VR headset and experiencing it for ‘real’, well, that must be an astonishing experience. This Youtube video alone is enough to get me excited, if only because it confirms my ‘minds-eye’ picture of where everything is situated in the apartment.

As someone who has watched that film ever since its theatrical release in 1982, I cannot overstate what a remarkable thing this video is. I used to pour over stills and publicity photos that revealed details hidden within the film, and the footage from the Dangerous Days making-of doc on the Bluray set that revealed bits more. Well, it seems I wasn’t the only one (well of course I wasn’t, I’m sure many BR fans have done the same)- but here’s one fan who did something pretty amazing with his BR ‘obsession’. This video is a hell of a piece of work- a labour of love, surely. For more details see Quentin’s official website. In the meantime, here’s a few stills from the video showing some of the painstaking detail employed.  “A Man’s job” indeed, Mr Lengele. Here’s an old Blade Runner fan immensely impressed by your work.




2 thoughts on “Take a walk around Deckard’s apartment

    1. Ha ha. I guess Ridley and Syd Mead were not too concerned with being practical, as long as its cool. They aren’t the only guilty ones though- imagine polishing the Death Star floors or vacumning the Nostromo corridors/rooms. Maybe I should start a series of posts regards Good Housekeeping and genre movies…

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