The 100 and 2017


Hey, I got there. With that last review, for The Secret Life of Pets, I’ve managed to hit my 100 target for 2016. While it may seem easy for some (Richard has somehow managed over 180 this year) its been a down-to-the-wire odyssey for me, mostly due to missing a whole month back around June when we lost our dog, but a few other trials and tribulations through this rather horrible year haven’t helped either.

I used to think 100 would be easy. I seemed to watch loads of stuff during a year. Maybe trying to keep up a quality-level, being picky what I sit down to watch, is what makes it tricky; lord knows there’s plenty of junk I could have watched to make up the numbers (some would argue I already did, judging from some of the films I watched over the past twelve months). Of course, the real trick isn’t watching them, its writing about them.

And who knows? There’s a few days left of this deeply unpleasant 2016 so you never know, I may yet add to the list with one or two others for good measure, but at any rate, the 100 target was eventually met. Job done. It’s certainly been my busiest and most prolific year of blogging ever, and as always I’d like to express my appreciation for all those of you who have read it and care to comment on it. We’ve never met, but I consider all of you to be good friends.

About that; I have the digital footprint of a gnat. I’m not currently on twitter or facebook or anything. Other than my wife (and she doesn’t even read it), none of my family or friends or work colleagues even know of this blog or how long I’ve been writing it. The Ghost of 82 really is almost like an alter-ego. So anyway, this brings me to my plans for 2017.

For a start, I don’t think I’ll try for 100 again (and no, that doesn’t mean I’m going to try for a darn fool target like 150 instead). I think I may keep a running total as I go, just incase, but I’ll just see how that goes. Instead, I have the rather more troublesome intent to perhaps try posting something everyday. Reviews are all very well, but in my original blog Musings of the Ghost of 82 a long time ago, I pretty much concentrated on writing down observations, memories and thoughts/opinions etc, and I used to enjoy that. So I thought I’d try it again but on a rather more regular basis. Not necessarily long posts, sometimes they might amount to  something like a tweet whenever something occurs to me. I know I’m likely making a rod for my own back and a daily blog is hardly realistic with life pressures etc but we’ll see. It might be boring and if so I’ll stop and go back to just the reviews, but you never know. At the very least it might mean some more stories/pics of young Eddie (he’s doing pretty well, by the way).

As for 2017… We have a new Ridley Scott Alien movie (caught that new trailer? Wasn’t that a weird Christmas Day present?) and something called Blade Runner 2049 which is going to loom a rather exciting/worrying shadow over my year. Back in 1982… well, the thought that I’d be seeing a sequel 35 years later after Blade Runner disappeared into obscurity and box-office failure… my impossibly young self would have been astonished, amazed. Right now? Well, 1982 seems both a long time ago and only yesterday, and I’m pretty appalled at this Twilight Zone I’ve fallen into. Lets see what happens, eh?


2 thoughts on “The 100 and 2017

  1. Hurrah and congratulations! I’ve struggled to make 100 often enough in the past to know what a trek it can be (that I’ve watched the better part of 400 new films in the last two years astounds me too).

    Good luck with your aim for next year. I expect Alien: Covenant to be scary, Blade Runner 2049 to be dystopian, and real life to become a scary dystopia, but at least there’ll be pictures of Eddie to look forward to!

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