Blade Runner 2 teaser


I won’t post a link here as its easy to find posted on Youtube, but the first official teaser for Blade Runner 2049 has just been released. It ain’t bad. It even looks rather cool and, yes, genuinely ‘Blade Runner.’ Its like I just got an early Christmas prezzie. This film could be good. Roll on next October…

2 thoughts on “Blade Runner 2 teaser

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    It’s OK.
    More importantly, when are you seeing ROGUE ONE? I saw it at the weekend, but am reserving full judgement until I see it on a better screen.

    1. Saw it yesterday, I’ll try get a review up soon. Really enjoyed it. Your point about seeing it on a better screen is interesting, it did look very murky. Likely a creative choice by the film makers but an odd one for a Star Wars film.

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