Blade Runner 2049…

br209…is the confirmed title for the Blade Runner 2 film currently being shot in Budapest.

Actually, I don’t like it. I guess they really felt the need to get ‘Blade Runner’ in there as a marketing device and didn’t think the simple ‘Blade Runner 2’ was imaginative enough. I think its going to take awhile for it to grow on me. (well, we have twelve months from now until release so there’s definitely time). Its the first really unconvincing step the project has taken- up to now its been pretty rosy regards director, cast etc.

My first reaction to this title was negative though; I actually thought it was a prank at first – Blade Runner 2049 sounds like a tv series (didn’t they do something identical with a Total Recall series a few years back?) or even a videogame. I think I’d have preferred something else, like maybe Replicants Dream or the original film’s Dangerous Days title. Oh well, we’ll have to wait and see. I guess the first set photos will land soon enough and maybe a teaser shortly after Christmas. But yeah, that title’s going to have its work cut out to win me over. I keep thinking about ten years from now, talking about the two films, and how awkward it will feel saying “… yeah, Blade Runner was great and Blade Runner 2049 wasn’t too bad…” I guess we will shorten it down and refer to it just as 2049, like we do with 2001.

Whats the third film going to be- Blade Runner 2054? Where does it end?  “…yeah, 2049 was okay, but JJ Abram’s  2054 was a stinker…. and don’t get me started on James Cameron’s 2082 with its blue Replicant aliens…”

3 thoughts on “Blade Runner 2049…

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    It is a crap title, and no mistake. I guess you need the ‘Blade Runner’ in there because no way are they not referencing the brand.

    But to be fair, I’m damned if I can think up a decent title either.

    Maybe ‘Blade Runners’?

    ‘Blade Runner: The Ford Awakens’?

    1. Ha ha. Yeah its a tough one really. Could have been worse but the more I think about it, Blade Runner 2 was fine- boring and predictable but ok.

      Blade Runner Beyond?

      Blade Runner Rising?


  2. I actually quite like it. I think they would always have endeavoured to get “Blade Runner” in there, so if you take that as a given then I thought Blade Runner 2 would be kinda too on the nose, and I dreaded what meaningless word and/or subtitle they’d slap on the end. Hopefully the fact it’s set 30 years later will have some direct bearing on the content and therefore ‘justify’ the title.

    I’d forgotten there was a Total Recall TV show — Total Recall 2070, as it happens — and I imagine the Blade Runner producers figure most other people will have too!

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