Ben, gone too soon

20160605_090544I may be away for awhile. Our gentle soul, our little King Charles Cavalier, Ben, died on Friday, not quite even three years old. My wife and I are in bits trying to process the loss of our little guy. We still feel the loss of our first dog, Barney, which was really not that long ago; at least back then there was some comfort in Barney being almost thirteen. I cannot put into words the sense of unfairness of what has happened; or the shock, the horror of it all. Everything is raw right now.

Naturally it has put into focus the importance of things so I think I may put this blog on hold for awhile; I might post a few more archive posts from my old blog (Ben’s illness is why that last Outland post surfaced a few days ago) but I don’t know. I don’t know anything right now. I might write some new stuff, I guess it might be a welcome distraction from everything but at the moment I have to devote time to my wife who has naturally taken it all very badly. We often say platitudes like “life is cruel” but sometimes it is all too true and it is never truer than right now for us. This has been a horrible weekend living in a nightmare bubble of grief while the rest of the world naturally goes by heedless.

So anyway, I may be gone awhile. Just thought I’d post a note/explanation incase this blog goes silent for some time. I’ll be back when I can, I’m sure life goes on and silly stuff like films etc will eventually become important/interesting again. I can’t picture it exactly but… well.  Till then.

3 thoughts on “Ben, gone too soon

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    Terrible news, I know how deep the loss can be. Our thoughts are with the two of you, hope you’re feeling better soon.

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