May in Review

…So May is already over. Five months in the bag already? The older you get, it seems, the faster time flies. At this rate it’ll be October 2017 and Blade Runner 2 in no time at all- now there’s a scary thought.

May was something of a strange month really. I chose to rewatch some old faves rather than wholly concentrate on new stuff, so only managed seven new films/shows, but it was nice to revisit a few titles (and while I don’t count them as ‘new’, three of them were on blu-ray discs that I hadn’t watched before so my ‘to-watch’ pile of unwatched discs has been minimized somewhat). I guess too much of my time was spent playing the new Doom video-game (which is a brilliant reboot of an old-school shooter, by the way, but a bit of a time-sink).

Anyway, here’s the list of May’s posts-

  1. Fight Club
  2. 2016.37: The Fall of the Roman Empire
  3. Se7en
  4. 2016.38: Agent Carter Season 2
  5. 2016.39: In The Heart of the Sea
  6. 2016.40: The Hateful Eight
  7. 2016.41: Stoker
  8. The Shawshank Redemption
  9. The Green Mile
  10. 2016.42: Calvary
  11. 2016.43: The Imitation Game
  12. Mr Robot OST Packaging
  13. Not Quite A Theatre of Dreams
  14. Cinefantastique, July-August 1982

Well, Calvary had a lucky escape, being ‘beaten’ to the worst item of the month by the deplorable Stoker. Best of the month (and I’m referring to ‘new’ stuff obviously as Se7en (or is it Shawshank?) beats them all) is The Hateful Eight, but it hardly had much competition this month so it rather feels like I’m damning it with faint praise. Here’s hoping June is a better month.

One curio about this month is the number of long films in there- it doesn’t really have any bearing on how many films I actually watch, but Fall of the Roman Empire, Shawshank, Green Mile and The Hateful Eight are all very near to or over the three-hour mark. So it was a month for looong films.



3 thoughts on “May in Review

  1. My sense of time is shot to hell this year — it both feels like we can’t be this far into 2016, and that it’s perfectly natural for me to have watched more films than I’ve managed in an entire 12 months on several occasions.

    Long films are everywhere. Yesterday I read a review of the new Turtles movie that described its 112-minute running time as “snappy”.

    1. Yeah, regards the length of the films- I quite like a ‘long’ film but only if the script really warrants it and that’s seldom the case these days. Even superhero films are getting too long (Batman vs Superman is plenty long enough as it is, with a 3-hour cut coming on disc that demonstrates how inflated the whole project was).

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