Mr Robot OST packaging

mrrobotostJust a quick post to mention the utterly sublime packaging thats been revealed for the two-volume release next month of Mac Quayle’s score for season one of Mr Robot. Anybody who owned an Atari VCS back in the 1980s will be gushing over this design work, from the silver slipcase design to the game cartridge-inspired CD case. Even the disc itself has been given some thought (as anyone who saw the show will recognise).

I ordered the discs a few weeks ago as the music (80’s-style electronica) was sublime and one of the things that impressed me most about the series, but this packaging reveal is the icing on the cake. Wonderful stuff. Its a good argument for the superiority of physical media over downloads when stuff like this is done. Pity the Blu-ray wasn’t given the same treatment.


I’ll do a review of the two volumes when they are in my hands next month. They look great, don’t they?

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