Agent Carter Series 2 (2016)

carter12016.38: Agent Carter Series 2 (TV)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. I finally catch up with a series backed-up on my Tivo when word arrives that it has been cancelled. Which is a pity, as I quite enjoyed season 2 of Agent Carter and looked forward to seeing some of its outstanding plot-threads resolved in a series 3.

It’s tempting to think that the Meta-Story stuff that Marvel Studios is so accomplished at in their movie series has leaked into its tv stuff, but really it’s more a case of the movie franchise copying post-Babylon 5 television. So anyway, there’s a few arcs that will fail to ever get resolved. Its the most annoying thing about some of these tv series- certainly the ones that get cancelled. Its like what happens at the movies when a John Carter bombs at the box-office; you always have to wonder at whatever happened next and what might have been. So yeah, the lesson here is clearly don’t make anything with the name ‘Carter’ in the title. It stacks the odds against you from the start.

I remember when stories had a beginning, middle and an end, and that was it. Sure there’s some limitations to storytelling with that approach, as ‘bigger’ stories that arc over seasons like in shows like Game of Thrones and Babylon 5 offer unique rewards and possibilities. But yeah, it’d be nice for a show to wrap things up properly without teasing stuff. I’m just about to start watching The Expanse, a well-regarded space opera that has intrigued me for months but hasn’t been aired over here in the UK yet (I finally folded and imported the Blu-ray). It’s really tempting fate as its just one series in with an ongoing storyline in print that could take years to unfold. You start watching new shows like The Expanse almost as an act of utter blind faith.

So farewell Agent Carter, failing some resurrection via Netflix maybe, which I suppose can’t at present be discounted. The show followed the adventures of Peggy Carter after Steve Rogers ‘died’ in Captain America: The First Avenger. A period piece, it had a rather unique feel for one of the many superhero series invading our television, and ‘looked’ great, particularly in the second season which moved Peggy Carter over to LA. Sure it was fairly light but it was fun. I wasn’t convinced by series one, but the second series seemed rather more confident in approach (this view seems to be at odds with wider prevailing opinion though). The cast was likeable and I enjoyed the sense of humour- Agents of Shield grinds on with a withering sense of endless self-importance but Agent Carter never took things too seriously. Set in the period before Carter became one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D. it had a delightful sense of time and place and a sense of where it lay in Marvel continuity.

I suspect that the quality of the show wasn’t the cause for the show’s cancellation. Hayley Atwell had just signed-on to a new series of her own (Conviction) which would have led to inevitable scheduling problems for Atwell shooting any further Agent Carter series.  Viewer figures were down this series so maybe audiences are tired of diluted Marvel on tv (certainly tv stuff can never match the big-screen Marvel outings). Maybe there is just too much comic-book stuff on tv now (I’ve given up on Arrow this season myself, can’t see my interest in The Flash progressing to another season, and I’ve never bothered with Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow). At least a lack of any series 3 gives me more time for some films or something. God knows there’s plenty other stuff on the backlog. Black Sails, Mad Men




5 thoughts on “Agent Carter Series 2 (2016)

  1. Very disappointed that Agent Carter was cancelled, mostly because I really like Hayley Atwell. I hadn’t heard about her new series, so I’m relieved to know she’ll still be around.

  2. I loved the Agent Carter short, but after the series got buried on a network I don’t get over here, I never got round to starting it. I guess now there’s a finite amount I can never get further behind…

    I do wonder if Netflix will pick it up. Attwell’s going to be busy with her new show (for a while, anyway — US TV is always trigger-happy with the cancellation gun), and I’d wager it doesn’t fit with the dark ‘n’ gritty style the Marvel-Netflix shows are going for, of which they’ve already got 6 underway. Equally, maybe they’d like the tonal variation.

    1. I thought the period setting really helped seperate Agent Carter from the Marvel films and other tv stuff, and it toned down the superheroics, which I found very welcome, but I guess that not everything Marvel does will be a hit.

      Maybe it has a chance in a year or two being picked up by Netflix or something. It would be nice to see some kind of finale to close out some arcs. And like you say, if anyone does try catch up on it, at least there won’t be five seasons to trawl through. I mean, I like The Walking Dead, but newbies to that have six seasons to work through now and its showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

      1. Yep, that’s very much the position I’m in with The Walking Dead. I even picked up season one on Blu-ray when it came out, didn’t quite get round to it, and now here we are years later and it’s just… daunting isn’t exactly the right word, but it also kinda is.

  3. Hmm, I’m a fan of the show and I like the IDEA of rewatching it but it seems too daunting to even start. Especially with that Twin Peaks box still waiting… And yes, all those others…

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