Mr Robot – Season One (2015)

mr robot2016.34: Mr Robot Season One (Amazon Prime/VOD)

The first rule of Mr Robot is that you don’t talk about Mr Robot. I could gush about how brilliant it is (and I will), but I can’t back that up with any reasons because, well, that would spoil the experience of actually watching it. Everything really has to be kept vague and inevitably mysterious but that’s sort of what the show is, it kind of sums up Mr Robot. You’re not really sure exactly what kind of show it is that you are watching, it keeps on shifting and twisting. And that ‘first rule’ stuff might sound very Fight Club but there’s a reason for that. Mr Robot is like some kind of love-child of Fight Club and The Matrix, except it’s possibly actually cooler than either. Its that good.

So anyway, keeping things vague and spoiler-free.  Rami Malek is outstanding as nerdy nihilist hacker Elliot Anderson. His socially-challenged, drug-dependant character is an incredible performance, really nuanced, so much conveyed in his eyes, in his expressions… really incredible work. Christian Slater is great. All the cast is great. The photography is never less than gorgeous, the framing of shots quite exquisite and unusual. The scripts… the scripts are fantastic, but of course I can’t tell you why. It’s a subversive modern fairy tale, a social commentary, an examination of modern life, how we are more trapped than we would like to admit, how social media frees no-one, how corporations are the new Evil Empire (literally- the one here is even named Evil Corp). And its a thriller too. Oh, and the music score is fantastic, 80s-style keyboards and accompanied by great choices of source music.

But that’s it, thats all I can say. I could write so much more but no, you’ll have to watch those ten episodes yourself, unsullied by spoilers. Its the only way to discover this show. Beyond that, well, maybe that’s why we have comments sections. Feel free. But really, if you haven’t, you really need to see this series. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, then go buy the season one Blu-ray boxset. It really is one of the very best tv shows out there.

2 thoughts on “Mr Robot – Season One (2015)

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    I got four episodes into this and bailed.
    I thought it was terrible. Trying SO hard to be fashionable (like a mixtape of Fincher ideas), and failing completely on every other level.

    The lead is a (sexy) nerd who happens to have a (sexy) neighbour who adores him and a (sexy) best friend who does likewise.
    He conveys his mood changes by pulling up the good on his hoody, or pulling it down again. He has a (sexy) drug habit that escalates and de-escalates when the plot demands.

    And speaking of escalation, at episode four we seemed to be racing through the plot at a crazy pace, where things had no time to develop organically. Oh, and Christian Bale still doing his Christian Bale schtick.

    I honestly couldn’t stand the show – I read the wiki episode summary to see where it goes and it seems to go berserk. Is there a second season?

  2. You REALLY didn’t like it! Actually thats understandable, its clearly a love or hate it kind of show. I immediately settled into its mindset and art direction/shooting style. But I guess it can irritate. Its clearly deliberately ‘cult’.

    Yep there’s a second series. Season one finished with something of a cliffhanger although most of the mysteries (who is Mr Robot?) are settled and odd twists in logic explained in hindsight. I think its a show that will reward repeat viewings as some early decisions/ script points make more sense after certain revelations. Still plenty up in the air for season two though.

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