March in Review

Well here’s a recap of the month of March on my blog. There were a few distractions (like 5 birthdays in the family, including my fiftieth) which led to February being a difficult month. Indeed, February I only managed  9 posts, which didn’t merit a review post at all, but March has things back on track with a total of 16 posts. This maintains a busy workrate for me, bearing in mind that I’ve posted 40 times already this year and had managed just 68 in all of 2015. So if this year proves to be my last hurrah blogging then at least it’s going out with a bang rather than a whimper.

So anyhow, here’s the list of those blog entries-

  1. Cocoon: The Return OST
  2. Ghost Story
  3. (2016.16) Never Say Never Again
  4. (2016.17) Knight of Cups
  5. Searching For Bobby Fisher OST
  6. (2016.18) Southpaw
  7. (2016.19) Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut
  8. (2016.20) The Maltese Falcon
  9. (2016.21) [Rec] Apocalypse
  10. (2016.22) Hitchcock
  11. (2016.23) Ash Vs The Evil Dead Season One
  12. The Birds
  13. Mockingjay Part 1 (again)
  14. (2016.24) The Monuments Men
  15. (2016.25) The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part 2
  16. (2016.26) The Theory of Everything


The best film of the month was clearly Knight of Cups, a big surprise to me as I feared the worst (maybe it was a case of reduced expectations) and the worst film is a no-brainer, the frankly awful Never Say Never Again (which I was glad to have at least watched at long last).

You can see by the list above the most notable thing is the total ‘new’ stuff I’ve seen reaching number 26. Three months in, that leaves me on track to maybe reach Richards annual target of 100 or to get somewhere close. I used to think that, over a year, considering how much I usually seem to watch that 100 wouldn’t be a crazy target (maybe Richard thought the same when he started his 100 Films In A Year blog years ago) but now that I’m keeping count I have to wonder.

I’m also intent on reviewing everything as I watch it too which is really more an organisational problem more than anything. There is only so much free time in a day and fewer days with sufficient free time than you’d think considering all the other demands of modern life. I think the only people who can appreciate the effort and discipline required to maintain a blog are those that have tried it. Give yourselves a pat on the back guys, you know who you are.

(It occurs to me that some readers will be of the opinion that the really hard work is having to read these blogs so, yeah, I’ll cut this stream of thought right now and wind things up).

So one last observation before I slip over into April. Getting through ‘new’ stuff means I’m finally managing to get through some of my to-watch list stuff like The Maltese Falcon, but unfortunately this month there’s some new entries on the to-watch pile like Evangelion 3.33 (I really must have a push on the anime, having not finished Kill la Kill yet either). The irony that I was frustrated for years having to wait for that bloody Eva film to finally be released, and now have it sitting unwatched on the shelf is infuriating. So yeah, maybe in April…

One thought on “March in Review

  1. It’s a funny business, counting how much stuff you watch and how people respond to that. Over the years I’ve had reactions to my 100 target ranging from flabbergasted that I could watch so many films, to sneeringly dismissive of such a lowly goal. I tend to side with the former people, but then I suppose I would.

    I could go on paragraph by paragraph saying, “I agree with that… and I agree with that… also with that…”, but I shall keep this short. I will say that I well know the irony of waiting years for something, only to not watch it once it’s available. I may’ve mentioned this before, but after I saw Night Watch I was itching for Day Watch to reach our shores, and it seemed like a helluva wait. Eventually it did arrive… and now it’s eight years later and I still haven’t watched it. How does that even happen?!

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