January 12th, 2018

…is the date Warner Bros will release Blade Runner 2 (or whatever it is eventually titled). Thats in America, as Sony Pictures have the international rights but I guess we’ll get it same-day or damn close to it. Seems a sinilar release strategy to the release of The Revenant, which has done quite well in what will be a post-Star Wars window for some years to come. Well put that date in your diaries.

Me, I’m excited/scared. Shooting this July, release date set. Its happening…

2 thoughts on “January 12th, 2018

  1. Its a funny thing, January used to be a dumping ground for films but the studios have had success that time of year with ‘serious’ films rather than the overblown blockbusters we see in the summer. Maybe you are right re: awards season’ maybe they think it could be that good. Bit close to Star Wars episode 8 for my liking, but we’ll see, either film could slip yet.

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