Three More Years…

Its occured to me that now its 2016, there’s just three more years until we reach 2019 (of particular notoriety for Blade Runner fans). Back in 1982, the year 2019 seemed a lifetime away but now its just around the corner.

Reminds me of when the Kubrickian milestone year 2001 was a really big deal for so many years as I grew up, only for it to just pass by into history. Its always rather sad when the reality fails to measure up to the Hollywood dream.

5 thoughts on “Three More Years…

  1. Matthew mcknnon

    I don’t know about reality not measuring up?

    I’m reading and writing this on my iPhone 6s Plus – which is basically a Star Trek communicator and 2001 videophone crossed with the Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and which has the same fingerprint identification as Judge Dredd’s gun!

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