Tuesday, December 22nd, 13:50.

…thats when I’ll be sitting down to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yep, got my seat booked already. God, that makes me sound like such a Star Wars geek, having the ticket booked so far in advance. Truth is some of the lads in the office have organised a trip to the cinema as a Christmas treat as that week should be pretty hellish at work and it gives us something to look forward to. Or be afraid of. Which exactly, I’m not too sure. Which has set me to thinking- am I actually looking forward to it or not?

(Curious fact: I’m the eldest in the office, and the only one of us even born when Star Wars first came out. My co-workers in the office all discovered the films on home video. One of them even hates The Empire Strikes Back. Some kind of idiot, unless he’s just winding me up.)


See the poster here, revealed a little while ago before the final trailer came out. Does anyone else feel uneasy about it? I mean, Star Wars, particularly after those lamentable prequels, is hardly the bastion of originality and fresh ideas. God knows Lucas picked all sorts of ideas from Flash Gordon to Lord of the Rings and Dune when writing the original film (the ideas weren’t particularly new in 1977 but the execution of them certainly was). But I remember how disappointed I was back in 1983 when Return of the Jedi featured another Death Star. TESB had been such a quantum leap after Star Wars, so full of fresh ideas and opening it all up, and then the third film centered on a plot device picked straight out of the original film. I didn’t get it. I hated it. It just seemed to be a lack of creativity, of original thinking. ROTJ seemed almost a remake of the first film in some ways, just flashier and busier and louder, even with Luke and Vader resuming the light-sabre battle that was cut short in TESB. I guess that swordplay was inevitable, but another trip down another Death Star trench?

Trouble is, see that Death Star-like spherical object far right of the poster? Oh dear.

Whilst trying to avoid spoilers etc, it’s inevitable that you pick up stuff from rumours. I read something months ago about a Starkiller station or something, a weapon that can destroy star systems. Maybe there was some truth to those rumours. Whats the bet it has a design flaw that allows the rebels to blow it up?

What worries me is, have Disney and the film-makers decided to remake Star Wars? Well, not exactly remake it, but sort of put a new twist on it… Well, okay, I’ll say the word: reboot.

We have a new droid, BB-8 is it? Sort of like R2 D2 but a little different, he beeps and rolls around and… yeah, a bit like R2 D2, but with a twist. We have a new, younger cast, a girl, a guy…  and on the poster, isn’t that some other menacing character in a mask? And all those troopers in white armour, stormtroopers of old albeit with a twist. It all looks rather familiar. There’s even X-Wings and TIE fighters, all with new paint-jobs, updated with a… twist.

Maybe I’m not realistic to expect something new, original, fresh. I’m just a bit concerned we’re heading down that ROTJ path again. I guess all will be revealed in December.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday, December 22nd, 13:50.

  1. Matthew McKinnon

    20th December for me. I did get a pair of tickets for the 18th, but then it turned out that both my wife & I had work Xmas parties that night, so a friend of mine is getting them instead.

    I know what you mean – there are a few too many echoes, really [another desert planet?]. But I have a hopeful feeling that the marketing is showing us things we’ve already seen before, all the nostalgic callbacks, and saving all the new stuff for the film. Fingers crossed.

    There’s always the promise that even if this is all-too-familiar, there’s still Episode 8 to explore pastures new? With Rian Johnson at the helm.

    And I’m really happy they’re leading with the new cast members, and just having the OT cast as supporting. That’s really a step in the right direction.

    1. Certainly can’t be worse than the prequels. Well, thats what I keep telling myself.

      What worries me is what Abrams did with the Star Trek reboot/s. Scary. That stuff with the Enterprise rising out of the ocean was so stupid I nearly walked out the cinema. Seemed to sum up everything wrong with the stupidity in movies today. I only hope Star Wars is given more respect and caution.

  2. gregory moss

    I’m trying to stay away from spoilers as much as I can (I refuse to view the latest trailer) – but unfortunately some podcasts I listen to don’t apparently know what is a spoiler and what isn’t. So now I know what Luke’s role in this new film will be. And yeah – that does look distinctly Death Starian – doesn’t it? I’m trying not to overthink anything to do with this film prior to release. I just want to go in knowing as little as possible – and be (hopefully) pleasantly surprised.

    1. Lets hope we are all pleasantly surprised Greg. We deserve a great Star Wars movie after all these years, and however Episode 7 turns out, I suspect the best is yet to come in the Rogue One movie.

  3. I hadn’t thought of it possibly being considered a remake/reboot of the first movie. That’d be… well, it would be quite interesting in a way, because obviously it can’t be an outright clone. And based on the trailer, I guess Han would be in the Obi-Wan role, plot-wise, which makes me chuckle.

  4. Matthew McKinnon

    So how’s the dread/anticipation thing going, less than two weeks from the big day?

    I’m beginning to get a mild feeing of deflation: the trailers now reveal that it is, after all, just a movie when all is said and done.

    Up to now it’s been a theoretical answer to our prayers*/summation of our worst fears, something that we’ve been building in our heads from the scraps we’ve been fed over the last couple of years. But now it’s a real thing, done and dusted, in the can. It’s strange.

    Did you finish watching the SW films you like in preparation? I wasn’t going to, but we’ve just finished house renovations and I can get me blu-Ray’s out of storage for the first time in 18 months, so I might just watch SW77 again.

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