Cowboy Bebop UK Blu-ray packaging

100_5486The mighty Cowboy Bebop has finally arrived on Blu-ray here in the UK and I’ve just three words for those of you who have the previous DVDs and are on the fence regards the new HD version- Buy! Buy! Buy!

As you can see from these quick snaps I’ve taken, its a fine-looking set and packaging-wise much better than we here in the UK usually get. The main box is heavy cardboard with both an art-booklet and a smaller case that holds the two discs. This inner case/digipack is designed to look like a VHS tape. Very retro (and if I recall correctly its a clever in-joke referring to something in an episode that will appear in the second set). It even follows through to the other side of the case too, as you can see from the picture on the right.100_5487 Its a neat touch that betrays some of the TLC this show has received by this new label (All the Anime).

I also just managed to watch the first episode when I got home from work. As the show dates from 1998 and before widescreen became the norm, it is displayed in its correct 4:3 ratio with a wonderfully sharp and defined HD image. In 5.1 the soundstage is wonderfully wide and the music has a real hefty kick to it. I originally bought Bebop in its first R1 edition, so never saw the ‘remix’ DVD that came later. I must say I’m very impressed with how the show looks and sounds in HD, its really something of a revelation to me (if I recall correctly that first DVD edition had the show in basic 2.0 stereo).

Needless to say having not seen the show for some years I’m really looking forward to watching this, but will have to delay watching anything beyond episode one as I’m midway through the first volume of the wonderfully odd and enigmatic Steins;Gate, a show that I’m really enjoying. You wait years for a decent anime series and they all come along at once…




2 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop UK Blu-ray packaging

  1. I’ve been on the fence about buying this for months. I’ve long heard how great the series is meant to be, and it sounds right up my street… so much so that I bought a US DVD set dirt cheap years ago, but (of course) have never quite got round to watching it.

    So it seemed a bit daft to go buying the BD, but All the Anime have spent months on Facebook going on about the UK-exclusive packaging (mmm, special packaging!) and never-seen-outside-Japan extras (mmm, special features!); plus there’s always the appeal of HD, and animation in HD can look ever so lovely…

    I caved just the other night, in the end, when they started talking about Amazon shipping pre-orders and warning about running out of the initial allocation of the special packaging, etc. Glad it sounds like it’ll be worth my while. And maybe I’ll even finally watch the thing…!

  2. I had no idea that it was a limited run on the packaging.

    Once you make a start on watching it you’ll be hooked. It’s got great characters and a quite haunting story arc. Always seemed to me the kind of story that 2000 AD would run back when it started in the 1970s, or maybe Metal Hurlant. I’m not at all surprised that a live-action version has been mooted for years.

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