Listening to…. To the Wonder OST.

2thewondrcdThe film may be perplexing and troublesome, even for Malick fans like myself, but the score for To The Wonder is simply wonderful, particularly so away from the film, which is something I did not expect. Indeed, in its album presentation, it gains a life all its own. It is a haunting, beautiful piece of work, eerily ambient, tender and thoughtful. Delicate, like fragments of dreams. The whole score flows from one track to the other like a series of movements, broken by a few passages of classical music carefully chosen to feel like part of the whole. It’s an hour of contemplative, emotional music that oddly enough also feels like a companion piece to the score for The Thin Red Line (which is no bad thing as that score is one of my very favourites). So how did a film that didn’t work for me suddenly spawn such a beautiful soundtrack album? It appears that where the film failed, the music succeeded, having the soul that the film seemed to lack.  Listening to this music is going to get me returning to that movie earlier than I would have expected, if only to ponder where the music was placed, and why it works on album so well and yet didn’t seem to in the film. Its funny how things turn out sometimes, after seeing the film I had intended to cancel my order of the soundtrack but it came through the mail before I got chance- irritating at the time, but very fortunate as it turns out. Quite surprising really. Anyone who has discounted the score having seen the film should really give it a chance.

2 thoughts on “Listening to…. To the Wonder OST.

  1. If you love the Thin Red Line soundtrack you’ll love this one too- its really a ‘Thin Red Line Part 2′ album, which is odd, as when I watched To the Wonder I didn’t notice the music so much, and the film doesn’t really have that feel of Thin Red Line’ either. Listening to the album though it just feels so obvious. I’m sure the composer must have had it mind.

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