Too Many Movies! (Part Five)

Aha, here we go carrying on the list of the movies I’ve seen for the first time this year… and its looking like the magic 100 may yet alude my grasp... (damn you Lovefilm! Why did I have to cancel my subscription too soon?)

81) Chronicle

82) The Immortals

…oh boy what a stupid style-over-substance movie! Was there a script or just stage suggestions and fx storyboards? To think  films like John Carter get slated and yet things like this…

83) Man On A Ledge

…I suffer from vertigo; I really don’t like heights, so I can only imagine how excruciating (in a good way) this film would have been had I seen it at the cinema. As it is, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Cracking stuff. Actually had me thinking about Die Hard, quality-wise.

84) The Hunger Games

..I enjoyed this film, but its like the Rise Of The Planet of the Apes– its really just a tease for the next film. At least I guess as much, as I’ve no knowledge of any of the books, but this film seemed to end just when the story got interesting.  Really, its beginning to annoy me how many films are not complete, but rather first parts of a further story. ROTPA, The Avengers, The Hunger Games… I remember back when films had a proper beginning, middle and an END.

85) Safe

86) Jane Eyre, I never saw any other film version of the story before I saw this, latest version starring Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikow, but goodness this is a beauty. I saw it on a DVD rental and it looked gorgeous,  beautifully shot- but would love to see it on Blu-ray someday. The film is apparently structured differently to the book so I would imagine its also somewhat different to earlier film versions. I found it fascinating and superbly acted.

87) The Cold Light of Day

..oh no! Henry (The Immortals) Cavill in another dire movie shocker. I hope that Man of Steel movie turns out better. Otherwise, he’ll be giving Nic Cage a run for the  ‘actor in most bad movies’ award.

88) The Raid I didn’t see Dredd 3D, I can only imagine how close this film is plotwise. I guess I’ll find out in January. The Raid remains a nice low-budget action-fest with more than a few nods to John Carpenters early films, particularly Assault On Precinct 13. A number of times whilst watching The Raid I found myself wishing Carpenter still made brutal, simple thrillers like he used to back in the day.

89) Rec 3

…oh dear. I can see how the film-makers thought changing the tone of the series might be a good idea (and in itself a nod to Romero’s tongue-in-cheek zombie films) but no, didn’t work for me at all.

90) J. Edgar

91) Lockout

…incredibly, incredibly stupid. No, really, really, incredibly stupid. An assault on my intelligence. Kind of fun in a painful way.

91) Skyfall

..loved this. What a damn fine shape the Bond franchise is in these days. Wonderful.

92) Safe House

…and that’s it.  Still eight to go…

One thought on “Too Many Movies! (Part Five)

  1. Looks like you’re in similar shape to me as the end of the year rushes upon us (I’m at 94). Hopefully the combination of Christmas presents and plenty of films on TV will see to the final few.

    As for how your list compares to my personal viewing, I’ve reached 39 “been meaning to see” and 13 “actually seen”. One of the former is Man on a Ledge, which I don’t actually know much about but my desire to see has now increased.

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