Too Many Movies! (Part Three)

And off we go with part three of my list of the films I have watched for the first time in 2012.

41) Hugo

42) War Horse

…these were two films that, were cinema prices fairer/lower than they are, I would have seen theatrically, as they really had my interest. Both films turned out to be very good. Hugo was a very endearing and beautifully-shot film. I imagine War Horse will become a Christmas holidays/Sunday afternoon TV staple someday. I don’t mean that as a criticism, it just seems to be what Spielberg was aiming for.

43) Trespass

…yet another really bad Nicholas Cage film. I don’t know how he picks ’em. And what has Nicole Kidman, one of my favourite actresses,  done to her face?

44) Contagion

45) The Deep Blue Sea

46) Whisperer in the Darkness

Whisperer is one of those fan-made movies based on HPL stories (they did Call of Cthulhu a few years back).  Considering its amateur origins its a very rewarding film, and looks beautiful on Blu-ray; its shot in b&w in the style of the Universal horror classics. The second half of the film, which takes a detour/expansion from the original story, doesn’t live up to first half but still, its very good, and I’d love to see more of these. Its the kind of low-budget-but-ambitious movie Hollywood doesn’t even attempt, even though you’d think it’d be easy in this digital age.

47) 30 Minutes Or Less

48) John Carter

… and here we go; John Carter. My favourite film of 2012 so far. I won’t go into why, as I’ve written plenty of times before on my blog about this film.  Suffice to say, I think its a wonderful movie, and in much the same way as Super 8, a marvellous love-letter to the decade of films I loved during the late seventies-early eighties.

49) The Wicker Tree

50) A Lonely Place To Die

…Melissa George in a thriller in the Scottish Highlands filmed partly in the town of Dingwall, where my wife and I holiday every year. That’s two thumbs up before it even starts. If anybody reading this even knows where Dingwall is, let me know, I’ll owe you a drink!

51) Prometheus

…I know I cut this film too much slack, but I maintain its not as bad as people make out. Just badly flawed with some really stupid plot-holes that, frustratingly, could have and should have been fixed in post. I dearly hope that the mooted sequel will finally live up to the hopes we had for this film. As it is, Prometheus is in my top-ten movies of the year but is also, without doubt, the biggest disappointment of the year. Had such high hopes for this film. Of course it was going to look stunning, and yes it had great ideas, just not enough of them, and too many bad ideas thrown in. There’s a reason why some films take three years or more to make, and this one is an example of why- it was just too rushed.

52) Repo Man

… caught this bit late in the day on Lovefilm Instant, quite enjoyed it.

53) Columbiana

54) Cars 2

55) Tyrannosaur

56) The Guard

57) We Need To Talk About Kevin

58) The Awakening

…one of the better horror films I have seen this year.

59) The Lady

60) In Time

… and that, folks, is a few more months of 2012 gone by, and well on the way to the big 100.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Movies! (Part Three)

  1. Call of Cthulhu features high on my list of “things I bought on DVD and keep meaning to get round to”! Even though I’ve not seen it, the concept excites me enough to be delighted with the news they’ve made another, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    As you know I too loved War Horse, but haven’t been able to straighten out my thoughts on Prometheus into a review yet. It’s kind of a mess, but kind of glorious in places too. I felt like I was watching a Classic and an AvP-level terrible movie at the same time. Weird.

    And to update my count from the last post, I’m now at 23 “been meaning to see” and 10 “actually seen”.

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