Too Many Movies! (Part Two)

So here we go with the second part of my list of films I have seen for the first time in 2012. After a decidedly mixed and uninspiring start of the year, things picked up a little a few months in…

21) The Skin That I Live In

22) Apollo 18

23) Warrior

24) Cave of the Secret Paintings

25) TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn

26) Drive

Apollo 18 was another of those ‘found-footage’ movies, a genre that seems to be stumbling towards a long slow death. Warrior I quite enjoyed, and TinTin was better than I expected. But Drive was really a surprise, a decidedly ‘cool’ piece of film-making that hit me between the eyes and remains one of my favourite films of the year. The retro-synth, 80s-style soundtrack was wonderful and I soon bought the CD on import. I’d have bought a Blu-ray copy of the film itself (I saw it on a Lovefilm rental) but read that a special edition release was intended for later and even a possible directors cut was mooted. Neither has transpired, alas, so I might as well have bought the film anyway- just thought I could avoid the usual double-dip. Well, I’m still hanging on, as it will no doubt get announced soon as I buy a copy. Great film though.

27) The Ides of March

28) Red Riding Hood

….ah, Red Riding Hood; what a disastrous mess of a teen-oriented horror flick hellbent on becoming another Twilight. Shocking how much acting talent went for the paycheck on this one. Gary Oldman, I’m looking at you, sir- where was your self-respect?

29) Fright Night

…another ill-advised remake to join a long list of ill-advised remakes of the past few years. No original ideas anymore?

30) 5 Days of War

31) Bad Teacher

32) The Reptile

33) Anonymous

…now, Anonymous I really quite enjoyed, indeed, the film is  for me probably this years greatest guilty pleasure. The premise is pretty daft (deriving from the old conspiracy theory that Shakespeare never actually wrote any of his stories, the true author lost to history) but the execution is rather enchanting. Mostly shot in a studio in Germany in front of green screen, it’s a remarkable-looking attempt to bring a lost world of history back to life. The fact that it was made by Roland Emmerich, more infamous for such ‘disaster epics’ as 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day etc. is simply astonishing. Has a great soundtrack too, resulting in another CD-R purchase from

34) The Grey

…aha, one of my top-ten films of the year, without a doubt. Great movie. A film about Death. And dying. In the snow. Wonderful film. Another very good soundtrack too.

35) Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

36) Stakeland

…another very good film, and possibly in my 2012 top-ten. Imagine a zombie movie made by Terrence Malick and you’ve got what this film is like. Really need to buy a Blu-ray copy of this someday. And yep, a very good soundtrack too.

37) Age of Heroes

38) The Three Musketeers

39) Avengers Assemble

40) MI4: Ghost Protocol

Avengers Assemble, one of my rare cinema outings, proved to be a very enjoyable film. Its just seemed to ‘click’, no doubt because a lot of the learning-curve stuff had been done on the earlier standalone Marvel movies that led up to it. A lot of Studios could learn much from how Marvel has treated its properties over the past few years, although I confess to feeling a little wearisome of there being too many Superhero films these days (to the extent I didn’t bother seeing The Amazing Spiderman at the flicks).

So there you go, another twenty films. There plenty more to come, including my favourite film of 2012…

2 thoughts on “Too Many Movies! (Part Two)

  1. Following your list so far, I count fourteen films I’ve really been meaning to see… over half of which I’ve bought, too. That’s versus just seven that I have actually seen. Business as usual then.

  2. The increasing amount of unwatched Blu-ray purchases are partly why I cancelled my Lovefilm rental (well, that and the fact I feel I’m watching too many movies of dubious quality). I have series boxsets piling up and I’m really keen to watch them. I’ll be honest, having no Lovefilm discs arriving this past week has actually been liberating.

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