Blade Runner 30th Anniversary box

30 years? Now I know I’m getting old.  Anyway, as reliable as death and taxes is the ability of film studios  to ensnare us in double-dip/triple dip madness with repeated releases for 20th/25th/30th anniversary sets for the films we know and love so well in ever-reliably varied formats. How many of us bought the Star Wars films in pan and scan VHS, then widescreen VHS, then the Special Editions on VHS, DVD, then Blu-ray? I’m not one of those who got into Laserdisc, thank goodness.  I must have 3 editions of The Abyss gathering dust in the loft (for the record, pan and scan VHS, widescreen VHS, Directors Cut VHS LE boxset… wait a minute, add the R1 DVD non-anamorphic set to that) and I’ll no doubt rush to buy the remastered anamorphic Blu-ray next year. I have more versions of Alien than I can count. Suckers, everyone of us.

So here comes another Blade Runner Blu-ray, timed to coincide with the films 30th anniversary. Actually it might seem a tad overdue as hardcore/sad (delete as appropriate) fans may well argue it had a May 1982 release back in the day, but here in the UK we didn’t get the film released in cinemas until September that year, so the late October release for this new box isn’t as tardy as some might think. Previously only the 2007 Final Cut was available on Blu over here so this release, matching the US release with 5 different cuts of the film, would probably be very welcome, had not any BR fan worth their salt already bought that US set (dear God, I actually bought that thing twice, once on HD-DVD and later on Blu… oh the madness never ends).  Still, this set comes with a dinky new Spinner car model and an artbook, is spread across fewer discs, has 1,000+ stills in HD as a ‘new’ extra (prepared for the earlier release but cut due to space issues).  No doubt many UK fans will be over the moon.

I must be strong. I must be strong. I don’t need another version. Begone from me, Amazon link….

Who am I kidding?

2 thoughts on “Blade Runner 30th Anniversary box

  1. I bought The Final Cut on DVD when it was first released, then later got the UK BD when I went Blu (figuring I don’t really need all those cuts in HD; at least not enough to justify import costs vs cheap UK BD). Normally I’d be among the first all over a re-release with new extras, because… well, because I am, really… but this one has almost passed me by. I think it’s the fact that the major new thing isn’t a documentary or a new cut or whatever, just a massive gallery — one I doubt I’d look through, and even if I did it would only be once.

    But now I’ve looked it up on because I couldn’t find it on Amazon and that Spinner model looks quite neat and I could have it all in one box and… Oh God.

  2. Aha. I feel your pain. We let ourselves get suckered even when we know we are getting suckered. But we all want a Spinner model, and we all wish someone would produce a Blade Runner Art-of book, and Warner Bros know it. I’d be championing this release much more if the Dangerous Days doc was in HD at last. It was shot in HD and deserves to be released that way.

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