Prometheus 2 greenlit!

Great news? Well, I have to admit I’m chuffed that Fox have reportedly greenlit a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  I feel like I did in ye olde days when Babylon 5 would get a new series greenlit from out of the shadows of impending cancellation.  Besides which, if Ridley jumps into a Prometheus sequel quickly, that will likely be putting the rumoured Blade Runner sequel onto the backburner, which, considering what Prometheus did for Alien, is no bad thing for those of us who hold Blade Runner in something akin to religious reverence. So for me it’s a ‘win win’ situation.

No doubt there are many who will read the news of a sequel with something approaching despair. Yes I had major reservations about the film and it’s clunky, nonsensical script (surely it featured the dumbest science party ever to visit an alien planet?) but I have high hopes that a sequel can a) make sense of some of Prometheus’ inconsistencies and b) finally justify all the hype, and redeem it’s illustrious heritage.

Well neither of those two things will be easy, but at least Fox seems to have learned from much of the feedback from viewers, as Lindelof (who seems to have gotten the biggest portion of the blame, as he wrote the script) seems to be out of the picture (well, fingers crossed such reports are correct). Hopefully this means a more coherent script, or at least a script that makes sense;  what won’t be easy is fixing some of the logic problems of the original film, but you never know.

Perhaps most important, with a sequel being progressed it would also seem more likely that we’ll also get the hoped-for Directors Cut for Prometheus. I’m hoping for a Kingdom Oh Heaven-style phoenix rising from the ashes. I know, I’m an endless optimist who at my age should know better in these post-Star Wars Prequels years.

Anyway, time for everyone to chip in with their wishlist for the sequel…

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