…and it’s Hobbit times three!

Well after a few months of rumours its finally been announced that the in-production The Hobbit movies will now be a trilogy rather than ‘just’ two films. I was already bewildered at how The Hobbit was going to be two films- the ‘why’ was simple enough, it was an obvious ploy to double the box-office takings/DVD sales/Cable TV sales. Turning it into three films just makes it all patently obvious. It’s just an excuse for everybody involved -Studio, cast, crew, director, EVERYBODY- to milk the last possible dregs out of the Tolkien cashcow.

If they were to have stated that they were keeping The Hobbit to two films but adding another Tolkien-based film for release a year later, and calling it something else, then fair enough I’d give them the benefit of the doubt but this is just ridiculous. It smacks of a Studio that made a fortune off the LOTR trilogy trying to maximise the profit haul. The Hobbit a trilogy? Who are they trying to fool? The book is a simple children’s fairytale and vastly different in tone, scope and length to The Lord Of The Rings. It would have made a nice little fun movie to accompany the rather darker and epic LOTR trilogy. But Peter Jackson, who managed to inflate King Kong from a simple and short  ‘thirties b&w adventure flick into a huge action/romance/monster epic just doesn’t seem to know when to stop. My worry is that his King Kong, which was an ‘okay’ movie when all is said and done, had little in common with the original film other than the fact it starred a giant ape, and The Hobbit may well suffer the same fate: that the final bloated trilogy of original tale and Tolkien appendices etc will have little in common with the simple charm of the original Tolkien book.

Commerce versus art. To think each of the three Hobbit movies will no doubt get multiple (theatrical and later extended) DVD/Blu-ray releases just makes the stink even worse.

Makes George Luca$ seem something of an amateur, and didn’t think I’d ever be saying that about the milking of a franchise!

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