Prometheus on Blu

Reports are coming in regards the Blu-ray release of Prometheus due early October.  The French Amazon site reveals something of a mixed bag really- some three hours of documentary material/featurettes are possibly more than the film actually deserves, and fifteen minutes of deleted scenes are a tease, frankly, as there is tellingly no word of any Directors Cut. The film is being released, by the looks of it,  in original theatrical 2D/3D versions only.   This pretty much nails my hope that we would see an extended cut that might fix the issues I had with the theatrical release ( a double-dip in 2013? Well, they just love to milk us for more dough, eh?).

It’d be annoying buying the current version which is, in my mind, a broken movie, as there is still likely every chance of the DC being released at a later date (Fox may be replicating the Avatar release strategy), but it’d be fascinating to see all those docs- Amazon France is reporting that there will be screen tests, the viral promos, a two-hour making-of and all sorts of stuff.  Plenty to keep fans happy no doubt.  Certainly the Ridley Scott commentary might be interesting; I don’t know how candid he might be about the film or his thoughts regards any missing footage destined for a later edition, or indeed an eventual sequel. Perhaps we’ll know by October how likely that sequel might be when the dust has settled on worldwide box office returns . Maybe the plan is to release the theatrical cut in October and if worldwide box office is good enough by then, announce a sequel and come up with a DC to tie in with that sequel in three/four years time.

That’s a lot of ifs and maybes, but darn it,  I was sure a DC might fix the film like Ridley did with Kingdom of Heaven. I’m annoyed that we’re not getting it, but hardly surprised; such things take time after all.  Wishful thinking eh?


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