Whispers On Blu…

Pre-ordered this Blu-ray from those fine folks at the  H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society-  impossible to resist, really, having bought their wonderful Call Of Cthulhu film on DVD some years ago. A fan-made movie made for fans of Lovecraft’s work, COC was made in the style of  a black and white silent movie, as if it were filmed back when the story was first published in the late 1920s. Strangely authentic is how I’d describe it.   The Whisper In Darkness, the latest film from the HPLHS,  is based on a tale written in 1931and  has been made in the style of the then-new ‘talking pictures’, similar in approach to the 1930s Universal horror film classics Frankenstein and Dracula, with a bit of 1940s film-noir thrown in, apparently. Reviews for Whisperer,  which had screenings last year at festivals etc, have been as positive as those were for COC. Can’t say fairer than that, as COC was possibly the most faithful film adaptation of a Lovecraft story yet. Making these as period movies is sheer genius considering the subject matter of the tales- Hollywood’s attempts to modernise the HPL tales into modern-day settings  just doesn’t work. Released on DVD late last year, I’ve been hanging on for this Blu-ray edition, which had been held up by production complications. Looking forward to posting a review here in a month or so. Can hardly wait.

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